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Friday, January 20, 2006

A Response to bin Laden

The main stream media reports on an audio taped message from Osama bin Laden. In it he threatens further attacks and then suggests a "truce." It might be nice if some senior government official said something like this:

Your message causes us concern, but it also helps to reinforce our resolve to eradicate you and your minions.

You suggest a truce. We have to wonder why. If you’ve achieved the “great victories” you claim, why stop? If your plan for world domination is progressing well, why change it? We can only surmise that at some level you realize that your war is already lost. Too many good people are working to stop you. And you want a truce? Not a chance.

You have murdered our brothers and sisters, and you threaten to murder more. Your ideology is corrupt, your vision is fatally flawed, and your goals will never be realized. You and your followers will be hunted, day and night, month after month, and year after year. You will get no rest, no comfort. You’ll scurry from cave to cave, like a hunted animal, hiding from the light.

Know this. We will not stop until you are defeated, even if it takes a hundred years. You underestimate us, and that is your fatal flaw. So continue to talk bravely, bin Laden. Your bravado is all you have. In the end you will lose.

And here’s the real irony. You will be defeated not by the United States of America, who will hunt you relentlessly and foil your evil plans when it can. You will be defeated by the Islamic nation, when it realizes that building a better world for its children is more important than supporting a fascist ideologue. That realization will come, and when it does, you and your message will be no more.