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Monday, April 24, 2006


On April 20, 2006 (following the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv on April 17) the Islamic Thinkers Society demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in Manhattan. Their chant:

“Israeli Zionists, you shall pay!
The Wrath of Allah is on its way!
The mushroom cloud is on its way!
The real Holocaust is on its way!”

See the NEFA foundation for a video.

I googled this despicable group of “thinkers” and got over 1.5 million hits, many from blogs and obscure media outlets reporting the demonstration. Remarkably, when I visited the CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC Web sites, as well as The New York Times Web site, I didn’t find any mention of the demonstration. Recall that the NYT is IN Manhattan.


There’s no doubt that the “thinkers” is a fringe group. But their message resonates with a non-trivial percentage of the Islamic world. For God’s sake, the president of Iran espouses the identical message.

So why is the story not reported in the MSM?

I think it's because the story could cause some viewers/readers to begin to question the "religion of peace" mime. And that is simply unexceptable in the politically correct world of the MSM.

Many within the MSM argue that we must try to understand Islam and appreciate its grievances. I agree. Why not start with this group of "thinkers."