The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

“It’s Wrong”

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain and a staunch ally of the USA in its fight against Islamofascist terror discussed Islamofacism in The New York Times:
It’s a global movement, it’s a global ideology,” Mr. Blair said. “We’re not going to defeat this ideology until we in the West go out with sufficient confidence in our own position and say, this is wrong. It’s not just wrong in its methods, it’s wrong in its ideas, it’s wrong in its ideology, it’s wrong in every single wretched reactionary thing about it.”

I suspect that Mr. Blair is a student of history. He undoubtedly has studied the silence throughout Europe in the 1930s as another evil fascist ideology—Nazism--gained strength and began its march toward world domination. Too many politicians of that era preferred to turn the other way, hoping that it would burn itself out. Too few said that it was “wrong in its methods, … wrong in its ideas, … wrong in its ideology, … wrong in every single wretched reactionary thing about it.”

And because they didn’t, because they waited, because they thought that fruitless negotiation, appeasement, and “peace at all costs” represented the moral high ground, 20 million people susbsequently died.

We are in the same place today and many of us are making the same mistakes. Those of us who see it coming have to have “sufficient confidence” to say, “it’s wrong” and sufficient courage to look it directly in the eye, challenge it when it tries to advance, and face the harsh reality that it must be destroyed … now.