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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And so, Joe Loses

And so, Joe Lieberman loses in Connecticut. In my last post on this subject, I suggested that the angry-Left bloggers who backed the winner, Ned Lamont, would be energized by their victory and would hold greater sway in Democratic national politics.

Today’s DailyKos (an early and rabid anti-Lieberman/pro-Lamont blog with a very large democratic following – in fact, the founder of the blog is an “advisor” to the Dems at a national level) has the following suggestion concerning the Middle East:

In my diary of yesterday, I proposed that our party support the creation of a single secular democracy in the area now controlled by Israel, and I was impressed by the quality of responses. Based on this tiny sample of 100 or so Democrats, I'm thinking that maybe the average Democratic voter might be open to taking a more impartial role in the Middle East - and thus making our country less of an object of hatred by Muslims everywhere.

At first, I thought this was a joke (maybe it is). Could anyone who has any semblance of understanding of the ME not recognize that (1) the Arabs have repeated stated that they want the Jews REMOVED from the region, i.e., they refuse to live with them; (2) that a "secular democracy" is anthema to the Islamofascists, and (3) the brand of Islam that dominates the ME thrives on hatred -- if Israel disappears, the Mullahs will certainly think of something else? But why think rationally, why consider the historical facts, when you can simply wish it to be true?

DailyKos continues:
The most common objections to such a proposal is that the two sides hate each other too much to stop the killing and that outside forces, like the USA, cannot impose a solution.

However, I think that the US, as the prime, and virtually the only, supplier for the Israeli Defense Force for the past many decades has the capacity to force a settlement simply by cutting off that support.

Here it is! The new "Israel is a mistake" meme (very chic within angry Left circles, see my previous post) in its most pernicious form. We simply make Israel go away -- the "mistake" is corrected -- and Arabs and progressives will all be able to sing Kumbayah together. The Islamofascist threat attentuates, a world at peace!

One has to wonder whether this approach to 'solving' the ME crisis will be discussed by the national Dems, given that they must now look Left or risk getting bounced like Joe L.

One has to wonder whether selling the only liberal democracy in the ME down the river will become the 'solution' that the democrats adopt.

One has to wonder how Ned Lamont, or more importantly, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reed, or Hillary Clinton would respond to this 'solution.'

One has to wonder whether rational Dems across the country truly believe that appeasement of the Islamofascists will somehow inoculate the US from their barbaric, terrorist practices.

Yeah … one has to wonder.