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Friday, August 04, 2006

A “Key Goal”

Day after day and week after week, the left-leaning MSM in the USA continues to outdo itself with biased reports that characterize Hezballah in a favorable light. Worse, the MSM misstates facts, provides no context, and purposely omits important information, all in favor of these islamofascists.

In story after story, the MSM implies that Hezballah’s terror campaign is driven by “oppression" of one kind or another Today, in an article in The New York Times, Craig Smith suggests that “Freeing Prisoners Key Goal in Fight Against Israel”. He states:
When Hezbollah guerrillas sneaked into Israel last month, killing and capturing Israeli soldiers and setting off the current crisis, their goal was to trade them for a Lebanese man held by Israel.

The “Lebanese man” who Mr. Smith is referring to is Samir Kuntar, a member of a terror cell that broke into a CIVILIAN apartment house in the Israeli town of Nahariya, shot the father in the head, killing him, and the murdered his 4 year old daughter by crushing her skull with a rifle butt. Nice folks, these Arab terrorists.

The NYT article continues:

Political discourse, billboards, street graffiti and militant songs and manifestos are all laced with references, sometimes nearly rote, to winning freedom for the prisoners.

The prisoners now number about 9,700, about 100 of them women, according to a spokeswoman for the Israeli Prison Authority. About 300 are younger than 18, including two girls and a boy of 14, being held in juvenile detention facilities for acts against Israel. The Israelis say many of them are terrorists — if not quite on the scale of Mr. Kuntar, not far from it — and some clearly are. But the Palestinians say that others are wrongfully accused and that many have never committed a violent act.

So let’s see if I have this straight. Hezballah and Hamas are driven by a “key goal” that, of course, is certainly defensible: they want to free “wrongfully” accused prisoners in Israeli jails. Their demonic drive to kill Jews, obliterate the state of Israel, and purposely target civilians at every opportunity are undeniable (although the NYT piece never mentions these salient facts), but really, deep down, they're just out for justice. Yeah … right.

The underlying theme exemplified in this and many other left-leaning MSM reports implies, without directly stating it, that Israel is somehow to blame for the barbaric attacks that are visited upon it. If Israel would just let the ‘wrongfully accused’ prisoners go, everything would be OK. If Israel would just leave the “occupied” territories, the fighting would stop (Just like it did when they unilaterally decided to leave Gaza or for that matter, when they unilaterally left Lebanon six years ago.)

The left-wing mindset that implies this nonsense needs to feel that it can somehow control the Islamofascist barbarism it sees. It knows, deep down, that Islamofascist terror is not controllable by any peaceful means, but refusing to accept this clear reality, it instead blames the victim. Worse, it often tries to demonize the victim. In this case, Israel. To do this, however, it must misstate facts, provide no context, and purposely omit important information.

There is no solution to this problem. We have a free press and they will write what they want. Just once,though, I’d like to see the NYT misstate facts, provide no context, and purposely omit important information in favor of Israel or the USA. But that wouldn't be right, would it?