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Monday, August 28, 2006


Islamofascists correctly recognize that their most potent weapon again the West is the deft use of propaganda, aided and abetted by an all-too-gullible MSM and NGOs such as Amnesty international and the Red Cross. Caroline Glick reports:
Like their rogue state sponsors, subversive sub-national groups like Hizbullah, Fatah and Hamas, see information operations as an integral part of their war for the annihilation of Israel and defeat of the West. And their information operations are more advanced than any the world has seen. As becomes more evident with each passing day, they have successfully corrupted both the world media and the community of NGOs that purportedly operate in a neutral manner in war zones.

In two recent cases, alleged attacks by Israel against a Red Cross Ambulance and a Reuters Jeep carrying “newspeople” were both blatantly staged -- these attacks never happened. Again from Glick:
The International Committee of the Red Cross, with its internationally mandated status as a protected organization, is particularly culpable. The blogoshere - and specifically EU Referendum and Zombietime Web sites - have shown that Red Cross employees in Tyre and Kana fabricated from whole cloth a tale of an Israeli airstrike against Red Cross ambulances in Kana on July 23. In an exhaustively documented report, "How the Media Legitimized an Anti-Israel Hoax and Changed the Course of a War," Zombietime [a blog] showed how Red Cross employees took an old, rusty ambulance and alleged that the IAF had attacked it with a missile that blew a hole straight through the middle of the red cross on the ambulance's roof.

The Red Cross allegation was reported as fact by such "credible" news organizations as Associated Press, Time magazine, the BBC, ITV, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Age, MSNBC, The Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both published accounts of the attack as evidence of Israeli "war crimes" in Lebanon.

It’s reasonable to ask why none of these mainstream news organizations have at a minimum issued front page corrections and more responsibly have conducted their own in-depth investigation into this fraud? It seems that the MSM is always looking for “lies” and “misleading representations” when they emanate from the US Government or Israel, but somehow, oddly, they don’t seem to care very much when blatant lies are promulgated by Islamofascists. In fact, it appears that they work very hard to suppress the fact that lies have occurred at all. Why is that?

It now appears that the Reuters attack is also a fraud. Same comments and questions apply.

I have concluded that some main stream media reporting from the ME is no longer credible. Worse, in many instances, a significant number of MSM organizations seem to be willing accomplices for Islamofascist propaganda.

Disagree? Ask yourself this. If a “source” you once trusted has been shown to have lied repeatedly and blatantly about events, facts, or people, and worse, to have fabricated events to mislead you, would you continue to publish new reports from that same source? If you would, there’s a job at the NYT, or Reuters, or Time Magazine just waiting for you.

Update (29 Aug 06)

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