The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


This small post is the 101st commentary that I've written for OnCenter since November, 2005, when the blog was created. I hope that at least a few of my first 100 posts have spurred you to think.

We live in very difficult times -- the threat of global Islamofascist terrorism has not abated and will be unlikely to do so in my lifetime. The war in Iraq is going poorly and is unlikely to improve. Worse, Islam has done virtually nothing to excise these monsters from their midst. North Korea claims to have tested a nuclear device, and Iran is likely to follow within a few years. Both of these rogue nations represent a real threat to world peace and security. The Palestinians and Lebanese have allowed terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, into their government, thereby indirectly supporting the notion that Israel has no right to exist. Worse, many in the world community (particularly among the angry Left and the anti-semitic Right (e.g., Pat Buchanan) condemn Israel for defending itself again them.

The UN remains a fectless organization, unable to act in any meaningful way on any important challenge facing the world community. That simple reality is unlikely to change. More troubling, there is still a significant percentage of the Washington establishment that looks to the UN to solve problems. I have to wonder if they truly believe that the UN has benefit or whether they use the UN as an easy way to avoid responsbility.

Many on the Left do express concern about terror and Korea and Iran and Darfur, and many other world issues, but offer no meaningful or realistic strategy for dealing with them. Some an the Left refuse to even acknowledge these threats. Instead, in a classic example of reaction formation, they blame the actions of our nation for the barbaric behavior of our enemies.

Many on the Right refuse to adapt their approach to the threats we face as conditions worsen and feedback indicates the need for change. On a domestic level, the Right seems to be more worried about the imaginary "threat" of gay marriage than they are with the very real threat fostered by our dependance on Arab oil. So they work to pass laws to prohibit the former and do absolutely nothing to address the latter. It is, to speak bluntly, a travesty.

Domestically, Democrats are on the verge of regaining leadership in both houses of congress. I can only hope that they will abandon their hatred of George Bush long enough to shown those of us in the Center that they are qualified to lead our nation. Early indications are not promising, but we must all give them a chance.

When troubled by some problem that appeared to be intractable, my father would sigh and say, "This too shall pass." As I look at the world today, I can only hope that he was right.