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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Although the facts are in dispute, it appears that six Moslem clerics were unfairly inconvenienced when they were removed from a U.S. Airlines flight a few days ago. CAIR—a Islamist terrorist front group that the MSM insists upon characterisizing as a moderate voice for Moslem rights—flew into action immediately, leveling charges of racism against the TSA, the flight crew, the non-Moslem passengers on the plane, and the police. The Imans lamented their public "humilation" and threatened legal action. The MSM spun the story into one that focused on racism and intolerance in America. The airlines and the TSA promised to conduct full investigations of the incident.

Let's hold up just a minute. Every time I and millions of other Americans travel, we're subjected to unfair inconvenience precipitated by radical Islamofacists who have killed thousands of our brethren and continually threaten to kill more. CAIR and the MSM never lament the "humilation" suffered by an 80 year-old grandmother from Iowa who must undergo a pat-down search when the metal detector beeps, or the 30 year old Italian American man who has his suitcase searched when the wires from a iPod evoke suspicion, or the 60 year old Missouri woman (with roots in the US that go back 150 years) who is forced to remove her shoes in order to get on a plane. All because taking the correct security approach—targeted profiling—might offend the sensibility of CAIR and the MSM.

I know 9/11 was a long time ago, but recall that groups of Moslem males boarded four planes and did some very bad things. More recently, groups of Moslem males in the U.K. planned to board 10 aircraft and also do some very bad things. Forgive the flying public if they're just a bit skittish about groups of Moslem males flying together.

Is that fair to Moslem males? Of course it isn't. No more than it's fair that each and every one of us must undergo suspicion and searches when we travel.

But please, spare us all the talk about "humiliation" and "racism." The Imans do have a right to be "humiliated," but the cause of their humilation should be that they and other Islamic "leaders" have allowed their religion to be hijacked by Islamofacists. You know, the same 14th century death cult that makes intolerance and racism core ideological tenets.

Tell you what. When the six Imans in question unequivocally condemn Islamofascist ideology (no "buts" or "howevers"), when they openly accept each religion's right to exist, when they advocate Churches and Synogogues (or ba Hai temples) in Saudi Arabia, when they invite "non-believers" into Mecca—maybe those of us who have a hard time sympathizing with their plight as freqeunt flyers might come around. Until then ... well, we all have to deal with unfair inconvenience precipitated by Islamofascists, now, don't we?