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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


It comes as no surprise, given the never-ending series of leaks over the past few weeks, that James Baker’s Iraq Study Group (ISG) Report did not fail to disappoint.

I decided to break from writing for a few hours and read the ISG report, posted today at Truth Laid Bare. I will admit that I skimmed some of the boiler plate comments, but in substance, it appears that the “realists” (1) correctly view Iraq as a cesspool; (2) want us out there post haste; (3) are willing to negotiate with the very countries (Iraq and Iran) who (i) have made Iraq a cess pool, (ii) are global supporters of Islamofascist terror, and (iii) have absolutely no interest in a stable, democratic Iraq; (4) are willing to offer “incentives” (in the case of Iran, the implication is Nukes, in the case of Syria, it’s the Golan) to get them to come around, and (5) are anxious to sell out Israel to the Islamofascists, if they’ll just (oh, pretty please) give us a modicum of stability in the ME.

The ISG recommendations, breathlessly reported by MSM pundits as if they were handed down from the Mount, are pure James Baker—master of RealPolitik, and old-hand ME playa. Yeah, the same guy whose policies as Secretary of State and advice to Presidents over the past three decades have lead the ME to become such a stable, democratic, region of the world.

It’s a pathetic commentary on politics to think that we ask advice from a person [okay, I know it was (reverent tones here) a “bipartisan committee,” but that’s just political cover] who has a demonstrable record of failure in the very region he’s now asked to assess yet again.

Worse, I suspect that many of the ISG recommendations will be followed, not because they’re right, but because they’re available.

I can only hope that this Administration does to the ISG report what all administrations do with virtually all committee reports. Deep six the whole thing.