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Thursday, January 25, 2007


At first, I breathed a sigh of relief. It’s about time the new majority party explicitly delineated the threat we face. I was beginning to think they’d prefer to speak, hear, and see no evil. After all, labeling any group as "evil" is so judgmental, so counter to post-modern thinking.

But no, I was wrong. A prominent Democrat, a senator, no less, made an unambiguous statement against the Islamofascists who threaten everything that liberals stand for. Jeff Jacobi reports what was said:
"We are engaged in a war against an axis of Islamists, extremists, and terrorists. It is an axis of evil. It has headquarters in Tehran and Waziristan. But because of the unconventional nature of this war, it also has headquarters in cities throughout Europe and Asia and Africa and the United States of America, in cells that operate in the shadows but are prepared to strike us again as they did on September 11th, 2001.

"The enemy we are fighting is . . . totalitarian. It is inhumane. It has a violent ideology and a goal of expansionism and totalitarianism. It threatens our security, our values, our way of life as seriously, in my opinion, as fascism and communism did in the last century."

Must have been one of the presidential contenders, leading Democrats all—Hillary? Barack Obama? John Edwards? Joe Biden? Chris Dodd? John Kerry? (oops, forgot, he's not a contender anymore).

Nope. None of the party leaders said that. Wanna know who did?

Joe Lieberman, that’s who. That’s the same Joe Lieberman who some Democrats in Connecticut tried to remove from office. Good thing they failed, because without Joe, the silence would indeed be deafening.