The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


There’s a smug certainty among those on the fringe of the angry-Left who are convinced, absolutely convinced, that the United States is a quasi-fascist, hegemonic power that suppresses human rights, imprisons dissenters, encourages “corporate greed,” conducts fraudulent elections, allows religion to suppress secular rule … among many “crimes.”

Bill Whittle provides a point-by-point response to a 14-point indictment of our country by someone named "american"—a card carrying member of the fringe. American is convinced that he/she is right and suggests that anyone who disagrees should ask the question “Have you considered the possibility yet that you might be ignorant American redneck hillbilly fascist?”

Whittle's response “A Brief Lesson in Elementary Self Defense” is worthwhile reading for anyone who subscribes, even in part, to the unabashedly anti-American accusations noted above.

After demolishing the accusations (and the author) Whittle summarizes:
Many people hear or read something like “american’s” rant and think that because it is structured and literate there must be something to it. How many college students today, when presented with such nonsense, would read it and think that they are approaching the days of a Nazi state?


Damn it! Lots of them would. Why? Because, like the 9/11 conspiracy “troofers,” no one bothers to call these people out. Thinking about this response took half again as long as actually typing it did: which is to say a few minutes. That is because I know how far from reality this diatribe is. These are things I think about every day, and likely, so do you. Realizing from scratch that his point was absurd, the specifics were easy.

We can no longer afford to let this anti-American garbage pass unchallenged. As a kind and secure people, we tend to let a lot of this go under the bridge, but this kind of crap gets more and more traction, and those days I think must come to an end for a while.

You can hear watered-down versions of the accusations Whittle rebuts regularly voiced by Hollywood glitterati, talking heads in the MSM (MSNBC's Keith Obermann comes to mind) and a variety of op-ed writers (the NYT's Paul Krugman comes to mind) in the MSM. It’s worth considering a rational, albeit angry, response. Read the whole thing.