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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Farmer

The AP reports from Lebanon:
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - Syrian border guards shot and killed a Lebanese farmer on the Lebanese-Syrian frontier Tuesday, Lebanese police announced in a statement.
Abbas Abbas, 15, was returning home on a donkey after working in his land on the Lebanese-Syrian frontier when a Syrian border patrol opened fire on him, killing him instantly, according
to an official police statement. It was not immediately known why the Syrian patrol opened fire and there was no comment from Syria.

The AP headline was this: “Syrian guards shoot and kill Lebanese farmer on border”

Hmmm. The Syrians apparently shoot a 15 year-old boy in cold blood. Yet, the AP leads with a description of him as a “farmer.” And gee, not a word about it on the networks, CNN or the NYT. Too busy, I suppose, telling us how Barack Obama is going to talk with our enemies and eliminate incidents like this.

But wait, Obama’s arabist national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezenski (an anti Israel ideologue and vestigal element of the Carter administration) was in Syria in the past few days, undoubted setting the ground work for Obama's dialog with this fascist regime. Syria has a very long history of oppressing its own people and supporting terrorist organizations around the world. Tell me, Barack, are you going to suggest that Syria’s thugs embrace hope and change?

And oh, by the way, ya think the AP would have written the same lead if Israeli border guards had done the shooting. Not a chance.