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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Follow the Money

Gosh, you’d think the intrepid “journalists” at The New York Times would have been way ahead of the Times of London on a story about influence peddling in the US by a British-Iraqi billionaire who has been convicted of fraud in France and suspected on funneling monies for Saddam Hussein and Muhamar Quaddafi. Particularly when the man, Nadhmi Auchi, loaned large sums of money to a supporter of a Presidential candidate. After all, the NYT doggedly pursued John McCain’s connection to lobbyists, although not a dime changed hands between McCain and any other party.

But if you’ve been reading this blog, you already know why the NYT, the LAT, the Boston Globe, and other elite newspapers haven’t even carried this story, much less reported it. Among their Left-leaning reporters and editors, Obama is untouchable.

The connections are intriguing: Nadhmi Auchi (British-Iraqi billionaire) lent millions to Tony Resko (currently standing trial for campaign finance violations) who has had financial dealings with Barack Obama and was a major Obama contributor. Juicy? You’d think the media would be all over this story. There are connections to Islamofascists, money laundering, illegal campaign finance, and illegal or at least shady real estate transactions.

But wait, you argue, it’s difficult to prove. Yeah, that’s true, but that didn’t stop the NYT from going after John McCain, did it?

If you’re beginning to get a bit uneasy about Obama’s cult-like persona as a man who can do no wrong, you might want to read the report. Too bad you had to link to the UK media to get it.