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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking on Ayers – II

Pundits on both the Left and the Right agree that the intent of the Democratic National Convention is to “introduce” the American people to Barack Obama. Obviously, the Democrats will make every effort to praise their candidate, suggesting that Obama is a man of substantial integrity and judgment, even if his executive experience is a bit thin. Few in the Center have any problem with this. After all, DNC-2008 is a four-day commercial for Barack Obama. Enjoy!

But when the banners come down and the balloons are deflated, it might be a good idea for the MSM to take a hard look at Senator’s Obama’s integrity and judgment. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts (e.g., here ), a good place to start is the Senator’s long-time association with his “neighbor” Bill Ayers.

YouTube has an informative video on the Obama-Ayers Connection that in 3 minutes and 38 seconds does what CBS’s 60 Minutes, CNN’s Anderson-Cooper 360 or ABC’s 20-20 should be doing, but avoid because it might sully The Chosen One. The American electorate deserves to understand how Barack Obama’s “integrity and judgment” somehow led to a close and long lasting association with a former domestic terrorist. As important, we really do need to know how much of Ayer’s current radical Left world view is in any way coincident with Obama’s.

If there’s nothing to this connection, the Obama campaign should present facts that will allow us to see why. Rather than doing that, the Associated Press reports that the Obama campaign is attempting legal action to suppress a TV spot that connects Obama and Ayers, suggesting that the alleged connection is “false, despicable and outrageous.” What’s false, despicable and outrageous is that a Presidential candidate’s connection to an admitted domestic terrorist has gone largely unexamined by a MSM that is supposed to inform the public, regardless of the outcome.