The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Faux Ghetto

Desperate to outdo the extreme bias emanating from the MSM regarding the Israeli-Hamas conflict, far-Left blogs and commentators are feverishly searching for a compelling anti-Israel meme that will resonate with the broader public. On more than a few far-Left sites, I’ve seen Gaza compared to the Warsaw Ghetto. As the son of a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, I will not dignify such ludicrous, counter-historical comparisons with a rebuttle. But the mime does reinforce my contention that the far-Left is moving from delusional to deranged in its pro-Hamas, anti-Israel rhetoric.

The Ghetto mime is used to reinforce the Left’s delusional view that Gaza is grossly overcrowded and that thugs like Hamas are forced to store their weapons in schools, mosques, and hospitals and launch their rockets in civilian population centers. After all, there’s just no room to operate, is there?

If you have 2:09, spend the time viewing this video. If you have a bit more time, use Google Earth to fly over Gaza. What you’ll find is plenty of open land. Land that could be used for agriculture and industry. Land that could form the basis for an economy that doesn’t depend solely on international welfare. Land that could form the basis for a peaceful, new beginning for the Palestinian people – you know, the very same people the Left cares so much about. Nah. Not gonna happen. Hamas won’t let it (and neither will Fatah). Hamas would rather use the Palestinian people as cannon fodder, working to maximize casualties among its own in a cynical attempt to garner sympathy for itself and universal condemnation for the Israel. The incredible thing is the tactic works.

By the way, since there’s so much open land, why is it, do you think, that Hamas feels compelled to use schools as launch sites, hospital as command and control centers, and Mosques as weapons storage depots in clear and irrefutable violation of international law and Palestinian human rights. As the video states, “Take a guess.”