The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3s and 2s

There’s an old saying the the business world that applies to executives in organizations large and small. “9s hire 10s, and 3s hire 2s.” The numbers of course, pertain to the executive’s relative ability, intelligence, and management skill. A 3 is a poor manager, but worse, a very poor decision maker. Feeling threatened by more skilled underlings, he tends to hire ideological clones—people just like himself—as poorly prepared to lead as himself.

Keeping this aphorism in mind, let’s talk for just a moment about Barack Obama and Samantha Power. Ms. Power, in case you’re unfamiliar with the name, is the President’s “Special Assistant and runs the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights as Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs on the Staff of the National Security Council.” (Wikipedia) Her primary focus is on foreign policy as it is applied to genocide, and it is obvious that her imprint is all over the President’s ill-conceived intervention in Libya. Forget U.S interests, forget asking who the “Libyan freedom fighters” really are. We needed to act because a “humanitarian crisis” was in the offing.

Ms. Power is a hardcore Leftist , who in past interviews has suggested that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians. She is on record as stating that the United States should use military force to stop the Israeli’s from defending themselves (she makes no comment on Palestinian atrocities against Israelis).

Now, as if following her lead, the Arab league has suggested that the UN create a “no fly zone” over Gaza to stop Israel from responding to rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Of course, the only UN member that could implement a no fly zone would be the United States. One wonders what Barack Obama’s position on this might be and what counsel Samantha Power is giving him.

“Barry Meislen” correctly believes that Samantha Power would enthusiastically support the Arab league's “no fly zone.” In doing so, he suggests that her delusional world view will force her to ignore a few things:

  • It is in Israel’s interest for their to be an agreement, and to this end, Israel has made several offers, all of which have been rejected by the Arab leader of the time

  • Because it is in Israel’s for there to be an agreement, there will NOT be an agreement

  • The Palestinians have broken practically every major and minor agreement they’ve signed with Israel, whether it be not to engage in hostilities—”No more bloodshed” (while all the time preparing for the second intifada)—or not to sanction incitement against Israel in the media (while all the time showing maps of “Palestine” covering the entire region and referring to Haifa and Tel Aviv and Beersheva and Jerusalem (etc.) as “occupied cities”, etc.), etc…

  • The Palestinians continue to voice support for a Palestinians state “from the River to the Sea”

  • The Palestinians have thus far refused accepting a Palestinian state

  • The Palestinians do not want a state of it means having to accept living side by side with a Jewish state of Israel

  • The Palestinians will continue to refuse a state

  • The Palestinians have not given up their demand for the “right of return” of Palestinians to within pre-1967 Israel

  • The Palestinians have no intention of agreeing to UN Resolution 242

  • The Palestinians have no intention of demilitarizing any future Palestinians State (to which, as mentioned above, they do not want as long as Israel exists)

  • The Palestinians have been waging an ongoing war against Israel’s legitimacy, stooping at no effort, telling any possible untruth, to erode Israel’s position, diplomatically

  • The Palestinians are locked in a civil war with each other

  • One of the Palestinians groups, Hamas, is pledged to destroy Israel; while the other, the Palestinian Authority has no intention of coming to an agreement with Israel

  • That both the PA and Hamas are despotic groups that trample their people’s human rights and freedoms

  • That the entire strategy of both groups, together, is either to wear Israel down military and/or diplomatically and in terms of Israel’s morale.

But there’s a deeper issue at work here. “9s hire 10s, and 3s hire 2s.” In appointing Samantha Power, Barack Obama has hired someone who he’s comfortable with—an ideological clone. And if Power is a clone, it’s reasonable to worry that the President’s world view is as delusional as Samatha Power's. Not a comforting thought.