The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Monday, July 04, 2011


The inimitable Christopher Hitchens dissects the motives of the “activists” who have decided once again to invade Israeli territorial waters and attempt to breach a security cordon around the Hamas-lead government of Gaza. In what can only be characterized as a classic example of moral preening, the denizens of the far-Left who comprise the "flotilla" activists have decided that the only liberal democracy in the Middle East—Israel—is an oppressor that must be stopped.

But let’s let Hitchens comment:
The tale of the Gaza "flotilla" seems set to become a regular summer feature, bobbing along happily on the inside pages with an occasional update. A nice sidebar for reporters covering the Greek debt crisis: a built-in mild tension of "will they, won't they?"; a cast of not very colorful characters but one we almost begin to feel we know personally. Such cheery and breezy slogans—"the audacity of hope" and "free Gaza"—and such an easy storyline that it practically writes itself.

The “audacity of hope” has a familiar ring, doesn’t it? Oh yes, that was a book written by none other than Barack Obama, who is, ideologically at least, little different from those who populate the flotilla. Sure, he’s back-filling now, letting us all know how much he supports the state of Israel. But that’s because he is worried about polls that indicate shrinking support among one of his base constituencies—American Jews. But if we examine his actions as President over the past two years … well, let’s just say that the flotilla label is apt.

The International Left has a hatred of Israel that is difficult to understand, but not difficult to observe. Whether in parliamentary resolutions, European boycotts, or delusional (not to mention, idiotic) accusations of “apartheid,” the left has aligned themselves with Islamists at every turn.

Hitchens asks a few questions of the flotilla “activists.”
It seems safe and fair to say that the flotilla and its leadership work in reasonably close harmony with Hamas, which constitutes the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. The political leadership of this organization is headquartered mainly in Gaza itself. But its military coordination is run out of Damascus, where the regime of Bashar Assad is currently at war with increasingly large sections of the long-oppressed Syrian population. Refugee camps, some with urgent humanitarian requirements, are making their appearance on the border between Syria and Turkey (the government of the latter being somewhat sympathetic to the purposes of the flotilla). In these circumstances, isn't it legitimate to strike up a conversation with the "activists" and ask them where they come out on the uprising against hereditary Baathism in Syria? .

It’s interesting that the flotilla activists as well as the one-time activist who currently occupies the White House seem unusually mute when it comes to Syria’s human rights abuses. The threat of violence in Libya required “kinetic military action (war),” but the actual murder of thousands in Syria (not to mention Hamas’ continuous rocket attacks against Israeli civilians) result in nothing but the quiet clucking of tongues.

But the media, who could ask a few interesting questions of the “activities,” chooses to be mute. Again from Hitchens:
Hamas is listed by various governments and international organizations as a terrorist group. I don't mind conceding that that particular word has been used in arbitrary ways in the past. But what concerns me much more is the official programmatic adoption, by Hamas, of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This disgusting fabrication is a key foundational document of 20th-century racism and totalitarianism, indelibly linked to the Hitler regime in theory and practice. It seems extraordinary to me that any "activist" claiming allegiance to human rights could cooperate at any level with the propagation of such evil material. But I have never seen any of them invited to comment on this matter, either.

The far-Left chooses to ignore reality, believing instead that it is acting morally, oh so morally. The little boats of this little “flotilla” provide nothing useful for Gaza—except the deep symbolism of the Left’s support for the "oppressed." The only thing useful about these activists is the simple reality that they are useful idiots, co-opted by a violent, genocide gang of terrorist thugs who would slit their infidel throats in a heartbeat if the need arose.