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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deeply Concerned

As all eyes focus on the administration’s irresponsible approach to our domestic economic troubles, the State Department continues its dysfunctional approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In what now has become common practice for the Obama administration, the Israelis have once again been chastised for building apartments (actually approving permits to build apartments) in their capital city. The AP reports:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration says it is "deeply concerned" by Israeli approval of new housing construction in disputed east Jerusalem.

The State Department says such "unilateral actions work against efforts to resume direct negotiations" and the spirit of the peace process. In a statement, the department says it has raised its objections with the Israeli government.

Last week, an Israeli planning commission approved 930 new housing units in the Har Homa neighborhood in east Jerusalem. Actual building is at least two years off.

The President remains eerily silent as Hamas imports deadly rockets through the newly Islamicized Egypt (remember the President's moving words about the “Arab spring?”) and as Hezballah breaks myriad UN resolutions by importing weapons from Syria. Nah, those acts don’t warrant direct “concern,” by our state department. But Israeli building permits … oh, the horror! Given a President who seems obsessed with “balance,” this all seems rather odd.

Of late, the President has showed a startling level of incompetence in understanding the cause of our economic problems. He has not developed a solid plan going forward, and has suggested vague “solutions” that are demonstratively ineffective.

At the same time, he has shown a startling level of incompetence in understanding the true nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He has developed no workable plan going forward, and has suggested "negotiations" that are demonstratively unworkable.

At least the administration is being consistent in its domestic and foreign incompetence. That’s why we should all be “deeply concerned.”