The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, September 02, 2011


Although the Presidential Election is still more than a year away, it appears that President Obama and the DNC have already decided to adopt an old axiom that is used by successful defense lawyers during a criminal trial: “When your guy is guilty, change the subject by trying to pin the crime on someone else.”

The President of the United States owns the economy. But this economy is so breathtakingly abysmal—zero job growth this month, 9.1 percent unemployment, an anemic GDP, African American unemployment of 16.7 percent, a housing market that is the worst in two generations—that no one wants to own it. So the President changes the subject by trying to pin the crime on someone else.

For the first two and a half years years of Obama’s presidency, it was George W. Bush. Now with his upcoming “Jobs Speech” to a joint session of Congress, it appears that he’ll try to blame the intransigent Congress itself—actually the GOP members of the Congress.

After all, Barack Obama can’t cite a record of accomplishment. The President’s $1 trillion dollar stimulus, now more than two years old, has done nothing to create jobs. His immediate and naïve reliance on “green jobs” (a noble idea that will take a generation to evolve) has been embarrassed by the bankruptcy of Solyndra, a solar company that the administration loaned more than a half-billion dollars (obviously, the taxpayers are stuck with the bill) without proper vetting (this would become a major scandal, but the MSM has, as yet, treated it as a non-story). His health care program has inadvertently frozen hiring due to uncertainties that most businesses are unwilling to accept, and his demonization of corporations and the rich (the entities that tend to create jobs) has done little to inspire confidence in that sector.

So Barack Obama and his supporters will change the subject. They’ll blame the tea party “extremists” who simply want to reduce the size of government and reduce a deficit that the President has increased by more than 25 percent in less than 3 years. The temerity of those “extremists” to suggest that a balanced budget is a good idea or that spending has to be reduced now! And the GOP politicians who support them? “Obstructionists.” After all, what could be worse than suggesting that entitlements will bankrupt our country and that our children will be left in the fiscal debris that result?

And the evil Paul Ryan, the only politician with the courage to propose a detailed budget to reduce the deficit? The DNC tells seniors that Ryan wants to dismantle their Medicare, even though there isn’t a single word in his budget that would affect anyone on Medicare or likely to get Medicare within the next 10 years. But what about President Obama’s budget plan or the Democrat’s budget? Oh wait, they haven’t proposed one—not a word on paper. Nevermind, Ryan is “un-American” and its his fault that the economy is zeroed out.

In any venue, whether it’s Kindergarten or the Whitehouse, finger-pointing is unattractive. It suggests that the person blaming others is unable to control his own fate, that he or she lacks the competence, the understanding, and the self-awareness to recognize that failure cannot and should not be blamed on others.

So the President and the DNC will point their fingers, and as they become more desperate over the coming months, their claims will become increasingly more hysterical. And what is now simply unattractive, will become increasingly ugly.