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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Barack Obama is doing what appears to be the only thing he's really good at -- campaigning. No matter that the United States faces serious, possibly destructive, economic problems, no matter that the country is operating without a budget (due in no small part to the Democrats' refusal to produce one -- for over three years!), no matter that non-partisan trustees tell us that Social Security and Medicare will fail within two decades, no matter that he's decided to punt on every foreign policy issue of any importance. No matter.

Michael Goodwin comments:
There is no budget, and no serious attempt by the White House to make one. The explosion of debts and deficits, growing strains on Medicare and Social Security, the expiration of tax cuts, warnings from Europe about the impact of debts on markets— all set aside until after the election. So, too, plans the president has on foreign policy, the Mideast, gay marriage, carbon taxes and regulations.

Incumbency is a powerful tool, and no president forsakes its advantage. Yet the impression of Obama’s first two years, that he never stopped campaigning, has morphed into the sense that he does nothing else. When it comes to the people’s business, there is no there there.

He has held twice as many fund-raisers as George W. Bush at this stage, most involving the ultimate perk — the use of Air Force One, with taxpayers picking up most of the cost.

His official trips outside Washington virtually all involve battleground states. He has been to Ohio 20 times, Florida 16 times, Pennsylvania 15 and Michigan 11, according to CBS News.

Obama’s bid to energize the youth vote is an excuse to visit other swing states. He flew yesterday to the University of North Carolina for his 11th visit to that state, then to the University of Colorado, for visit No. 7 there. Today, he is scheduled to address students in Iowa — his eighth visit there.

He’s making the rounds of another part of his base, the late-night comedy shows. He made his first comments since the dimensions of the Secret Service prostitution case became known on the Jimmy Fallon show yesterday. Yuk, yuk, ha ha.
There's absolutely nothing funny about an executive who doesn't do his job.

But then again, Barack Obama's domestic "accomplishments" have put the country deeper into debt, his international "accomplishments" have done little, if anything to support our allies and have set the stage for more unrest (think: the so-called Arab spring). So maybe it's better that he is out of the White House campaigning. Hopefully, he'll be out of the White House for good next January.