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Friday, August 24, 2012

Desperation - II

The fun continues. Break out the popcorn.

Joe Biden, disregarding a precedent that has existed since, well, forever, threatens to go to Tampa to "speak at the democratic convention." His intent is to steal airtime from the GOP (and he will accomplish that because every media outlet hopes he'll make still another idiotic statement). As one wag put it: "Biden will go to Tampa and the GOP will punch back twice as hard and send Biden to Charlotte." I wonder what the Obama campaign's internal polling is telling them about the reception the Romney/Ryan ticket will get next week? Deperation?

The Obama campaign has ratcheted up its war on women meme with the President's "rapid response director," Liz Smith, tweeting up a storm on Romney/Ryan "extreme views on abortion." I personally don't agree with Romney/Ryan's position here, but does Smith honestly think that abortion trumps jobs, the economy or the deficit (all losers for Obama) in the eyes of the public. Desperation?

Or consider that many Obama supporters in the media are once again using the tired argument that any comment that denigrates Obama's hardly transparent past history is inherently "racist." In fact his more extreme supporters claim that any criticism at all is thinly veiled racism. A sign of desperation?

NBC News (a true friend of the President) plans a one hour special on Mormonism and its influence on Mitt Romney. Fair enough, but if one were slightly cynical, one might ask why it is that NBC didn't air an analogous special on the influence of Reverend Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ on Barack Obama in 2008. Odd that NBC has so much curiosity about Romney's religion today, and had a complete lack of curiosity about Obama's in 2008. Desperation?

And finally, in a recent NYT article that laments the President's fund raising difficulties, Jane Mayer suggests that:
Big donors were particularly offended by Obama's reluctance to pose with them for photographs at the first White House Christmas and Hanukkah parties. . . .
And that it was the President's aloofness that has donors keeping their wallets closed. Couldn't possibly be that the President has failed to keep his promises? Desperation?

So the next time you hear the shrill accusation of racism or the vacuous charge of a war on women, or attack ads that are dishonest, divisive, and unbecoming of a sitting President, just remember one word -- and you know what that word is.