The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Monday, October 01, 2012


This past week's anti-Romney media narrative is that Mitt Romney has already lost the election. After all, the MSM tells us that Obama has double digit leads in almost every battleground state, and that the polls tell us that all is lost for Romney. They tell us that the debates don't matter, and that little things like high unemployment, crushing debt, a murdered ambassador followed by a blatant cover-up, a fast and furious scandal, attempts by the White House to bribe defense contractors in a way that dissuades them from issuing lay-off notices mandated by law four days before the election are irrelevant. The MSM has decided that the war in Afghanistan isn't important news and that the murder of US service members by our Afghan allies deserves only a quick mention, if any mention at all.

Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast goes so far as to fantasize about an "Obama landslide," and he's not alone. For example, over at HuffPo Cenk Uygur pens a piece entitled: "The Election is already Over, Obama has Won." These are partisan articles, but they're just hyperbolic versions of this week's MSM commentary and spin.

Tomasky writes (that after his imagined landslide):
First, a marvelously amusing recriminations war among Republicans and conservatives about what happened, and it will result in the conservative movement marginalizing itself from mainstream America even further. It will start with arguments over political strategy. Romney was a squish. Romney ran too far right. Ryan was a bad choice. Ryan was a great choice but he wasn’t allowed to be Ryan. We should have gone with Santorum. We should have gone with Newt. Even Herman Cain would have done better (someone will say it!).

He goes on to hypothesize about all of the wonderful things that Barack Obama will accomplish in his second term. With the GOP crushed by his overwhelming victory, there will be no stopping Obama.

Every voter (well, almost ever voter) will rally around the re-elected President, jettison their misgivings, and embrace an era of low unemployment, reduced debt, larger government at lower cost. A recession in 2013—not a chance.

After all, since we're fantasizing about a landslide let's continue. Barack Obama has done such a terrific job lowering unemployment during his first term, and his debt reduction efforts, outstanding! Who can criticize a $16 million dollar debt, oh, wait, I think it's $16 trillion, but who cares about a few zeros (the president himself was unsure of the actual number when he appeared on Letterman—unimportant details). And balancing the budget? All we really have to do is tax those darned millionaires and billionaires, you know, the ones who don't pay their "fair share," and we've got the problem solved. Entitlements? Obama's strategy of doing nothing is absolutely on target—after all, worrying about insolvency is so right-wing, isn't it? And foreign policy—things couldn't be going better. The Middle East is calm, the Islamic countries love us because of the President's conciliatory words, the Arab spring has ushered in true secular democracy everywhere, Iran has closed down its nuclear plants. And the recent "bumps in the road?" If it wasn't for that nasty movie trailer, everything would be perfect, just ask our UN ambassador Susan Rice.

So, yeah, we're going to see an Obama blow-out, a landslide, and slaughter! We are ... really, we are. The media tells us so.

And since the media has become so enamored of polls that show Obama ahead by double digits, they might want to consider one more poll. It's the one that indicates that 60 percent of the American public trusts little, if anything, than the media tells them.