The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, October 12, 2012


After last night's VP debate in which Joe Biden found amusement in -- let's see-- the fact that we're borrowing vast sums of money from china, the fact that Iran is producing copious amounts of fissile material, the fact that his President has proposed exactly nothing in his four years (including two with overwhelming congressional majorities) to correct the profound structural problems that threaten both Medicare and Social Security with bankruptcy, the fact that our Libyan ambassador was murdered by an al Qaida affiliate and the subsequent White house cover-up (oops, I mean misunderstanding), the fact that ... oh, it wasn't amusement? It was derision of Paul Ryan -- a lying, liar who lies!!!! Classy, Joe, real classy.

Of course, the rapidly shrinking army of Obama supporters cheered the derision and are now "re-energized." How nice.

But on a more serious note -- no smiles -- as if to support the President's obsession with big bird at a time of domestic and international crisis, we learn that the President's supporters are planning a "million muppet march." You can't make this stuff up. It's worth noting that the million muppet march is necessary given that over the past week the President mentioned the big yellow muppet no less than 13 times on the campaign trail in a pathetic attempt to be derisive (hmmm, that word again) when discussing Mitt Romney. But like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney is a lying, liar who lies!!!! Classy, Mr. President, real classy.

But on an even more serious note -- no smiles -- we now see the specter of the Obama White house, desperate to extricate itself from the growing scandal that even some in the MSM are beginning to call "Bengazigate," blaming first "the intelligence community" for the "misinformation" that compelled Susan Rice -- certainly not a lying, liar who lies (after all, she's not Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan) to, well, purposely misstate the reason for the attack on five different Sunday morning talk shows. But it gets even better. Now the White House appears to be trying to lay the blame on the State Department, you know, the agency headed by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Would the President throw Hillary under the bus, and if he does, how will Bill and Hillary react? Get out the popcorn folks, there may yet be a real reason to smile.