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Monday, March 31, 2014

Simple Questions

The Obama administration and its trained hamsters in the media are trumpeting their claim (you'll note that I do not use the word "fact" anywhere in the post) that six million people have signed up for Obamacare as of today. Happy days! This is really great!! Obamacare is working!!!


In an age when every action on a website is instantaneously recorded, tabulated, and reported, it is absolutely astonishing that even the trained hamsters in the media aren't pushing for more detail, but hey, more detail might reveal that the Obamacare train wreck is in fact a train wreck.

Again, even for a shoddy website like the one designed and built for Obamacare (at a cost of between $300 and $500 million [we don't even know the exact cost!!]), enrollment information is instantaneously recorded, tabulated, and reported. So here are a few simple questions:
  • How many of the enrollees have paid for the first month(s) of their policy? 
All of the following questions apply only to those enrollees who have paid, because paid premiums are what fund the ACA :
  • How many of the enrollees are under the age of 35?
  • How many of the enrollees have had their enrollment partially subsidized and what is the average amount of the subsidy?
  • How many enrollees have had the entire premiums subsidized?
  • How many of the enrollees are replacing an existing policy that was canceled because Obamacare judged it substandard?
And a few clearical questions:
  • How many enrollments are accurately transmitted to insurance companies?
  • What is the error rate of those transmissions?
  • How long does it take from the time one enrolls until their policy is in place and will be accepted by a medical provider?
  • How many people quit before completing the enrollment?
  • How many minutes/hours does one spend completing the enrollment?
These are all reasonable questions that should be available to the 47 percent of us who pay income taxes and fund the development of the website and will (sadly) further subsidize this disasterous program by (1) spending uncounted tens of millions promoting it, (2) uncounted billions bailing out insurance companies who get into financial trouble because of it, and (3) uncounted tens of billions funding increased subsidies to stop a full-on revolt when medical premiums rise by double digits in 2015.

The M.O. of the Obama administration is to stonewall when things don't go its way. That's evident in the important information and hard data that it refuses to release about Obamacare. As taxpayers we have a right to this information and data, after all, it's not a matter of national security or a matter of privacy (the data can easily be reported in the aggregate), it's only a matter of political liability. But the media hamsters nap away, reporting a "major milestone" as it it was real.

It isn't.

How do I know? Because if it were real, if there were hard data to back it up, there's another element of the M.O. of the Obama administration—they leak or promulgate any positive news instantaneously and trumpet that news ad nauseum. Instead, what we get is an unverifiable claim about ACA "enrollments," and otherwise—crickets.