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Monday, May 26, 2014

All is Lost

Alexandra Petri of The Washington Post has infuriated the many climate change true believers by doing something that is unprecedented in a mainstream publication. She has attempted to make fun of the subject. The horror!

Because "climate change" (previously known as "global warming" until global warming stopped happening) has become a pseudo-religion among many on the Left, there are things you simply can't do:
  • Question the very weak science that allows true believers to do the equivalent of shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater,
  • Suggest that global warming predictive models are questionable and probably invalid,
  • Observe that 100-year forward projections are laughably inaccurate,
  • Comment that the dire predictions of climate doom assume no technological change over the time period in question (that's zero technological change over a century of more)
  • Posit that if even if significant warming or ice melt is occurring its cause is not anthropogenic but rather, natural and cyclical,
  • Ridicule the hysterical projections and warnings that true believers publish whenever interest wanes.
Ms. Petri (surely, now branded as a heretic) used ridicule, and the warmists were not amused. Here's a small snippet of Alexandra Petri's piece in the WaPo:
What happened to the sheet ice?
Something horrible and irreversible.
Can you be a little more specific?
According to NASA, the melt of the Antarctic sheet ice “appears unstoppable.” UNSTOPPABLE!
What is our first concern?
Sea levels over the next century may rise even more than we have predicted, which could displace millions of people from coastal areas.
What is our second concern?
I fear we may unleash some sort of Lovecraftian, eldritch horror from beneath the ice or around the poles.
Such as?
We might awaken the Elder Gods, or at the very least unleash a horde of shoggoths. (Is horde the correct term? Cats come in clowters, owls come in parliaments, crows socialize in murders — what do shoggoths group in?)
But it was a NASA scientist, and what have NASA scientists done for us in the decades since the moon landing?
Look, NASA scientists are the world’s leading experts in watching things shrink more than they expected over time. They have spent decades staring at their own budget.
Should we panic?
Yes! YES! EVERYONE PANIC! Everyone panic, but stay cool, to keep the melting from speeding up. Panic slowly and calmly.
How long do we have?
At a minimum, two hundred years.
My goodness ... only 200 years!!!!

Here I sit in my house in South Florida—elevation 4.1 feet above sea level and only about 5 miles from the Atlantic ocean. It's time to panic! I'm going to buy a row boat tomorrow or maybe next week, or maybe next month or maybe ... nah, ALL IS LOST! I'll just curl up in a ball and wait for the flood.