The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sanctimonious Outrage

It's really quite amusing to watch the democrats express sanctimonious outrage (and their trained media hamsters circle the wagons) after Carl Rove dared to (1) question Hillary Clinton's health, given a serious fall requiring hospitalization some months ago, and (2) suggest that given her relatively advanced age, health issues are pertinent. Like all political operatives, Rove is using hardball tactics (think: dirty politics).

But what's amusing is that the Dems seem to have forgotten their own claims in 2012 and earlier that Mitt Romney's business activities caused a woman to get cancer, OR Harry Reid's bald-faced lie that Romney didn't pay his income taxes OR that all he cared about was the 1 percent OR that Bain capital was rapacious OR ... You get the picture.

What goes around, comes around.