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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Testimony over the past week before the House Oversight Committee can lead to only one conclusion—the Obama administration is actively engaged in a coverup of the facts that lead the the weaponization of the Internal Revenue Service. That leads to a pivotal question, what could have been divulged in Lois Lerner's (and six other IRS executives) lost emails that was so damaging to Barack Obama's White House, that government policies were circumvented, laws were broken, and over 400 days of stonewalling occurred.

The trained hamsters in the media remain asleep, grudingly mentioning this full-blown scandal in passing, but doing virtually no investigative reporting (a la Watergate, a considerly lesser scandal). And yet, this president and his people can't escape from the slowly emerging facts.

Among the many arrogant, mendacious, and smug members of Obama's team of 2s, is one John Koskinen, now commissioner of the IRS. An active member of the coverup, he is doing everything possible to impede the investigation. Consider this interchange, as reported by the U.K.s Mail Online (interesting, isn't it, that foreign newspapers and websites are going a better job of reporting the coverup than MSM sources):
Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz needled Koskinen about a short-term data backup that the IRS had in place – but never used – when Lerner's hard drive crashed in 2011.

'It's actually a disaster recovery system,' the IRS commissioner testified, 'and it backs up for six months in case the entire system goes down ... That was the rule in 2011. Policy.'

Chaffetz wanted to know, 'Why didn't they just go to that six-month tape?'

Koskinen replied that it is 'a disaster recovery tape that has all of the emails on it, and is a very complicated tape to actually extract emails [from], but I have not seen any emails to explain why they didn't do it. So I – It would be difficult, but I don't know why they didn't do it.'

'But you said that the IRS was going to extraordinary lengths to give it to the recovery team, correct?' Chaffetz quizzed.

'That's correct,' said Koskinen.

'But it's backed up – on tape?'

'For six months, yes.'

'So,' Chaffetz asked, 'why didn't you get them off the backup?'

'All I know about that is that the backup tapes are disaster recovery tapes that put everything in one lump,' Koskinen replied, 'and extracting individual emails out of that is very costly and difficult, and it was not the policy at the time.'

'Did anybody try?' Chaffetz asked the IRS commissioner.

'I have no idea or indication that they did,' came his answer.
The IRS scandal is, in my opinion, the most egregious (and criminal) use of government intimidation in the past 100 years. Aggressive targeting of an opposition party or citizens who oppose the majority party is something that both Democrats and Republicans should reject. But based on their obfuscation and whining, and Democratic members of the committee seem quite disinterested in getting to the bottom of the scandal.

For a time, I believed that the facts would never come out and that Obama's attempts to stonewall the IRS scandal would succeed. I'm beginning to change my mind. I hope the truth emerges and that all senior white house officials who were involved (and White House officials were involved, otherwise, why the cover-up?) will be held to account.