The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What's a Little Hypocisy?

Demonization of the State of Israel has become increasingly fashionable among many those on the left, a large percentage of intellectuals, and leftist academics. Their claim is that the poor, beleaguered Palestinians are "oppressed" by the only true democracy in the Middle East. They conveniently look the other way when anti-Christian pogroms, judenrein, extreme Muslim misogyny and homophobia run rampant among Palestinians and most other Arab countries. After all, what's a little hypocrisy when you occupy the moral heights?

Nolan Finley comments on the latest in a long line of divestment/boycott votes, this time by the "progressives" of the Presbyterian church:
What is it they want Americans to divest from? A rare, functioning Middle East democracy that operates under the rule of law and treats all its citizens — men, women, Arab, Jew — with justice and respect.

A nation enduring an average of nearly one rocket attack a day launched by Palestinian militants and their supporters; many of those rockets are targeted at schools and residential neighborhoods.

A nation forced by an international community that purports not to negotiate with terrorists to sit across the bargaining table with those who have slaughtered their children in vicious terrorist strikes.

A nation surrounded by neighbors who are pledged to its extermination, and yet is blamed for all of the instability and unrest in its region.

And still under today’s bizarre hierarchy of victimhood, it’s the Palestinians who wear the mantle of the oppressed.

Israel is blamed for the stagnant peace process, even though the Palestinians have repeatedly broken the conditions established for resuming talks, most recently by forming a unity government with Hamas, the terrorist group that controls Gaza — the primary launching pad for those rockets.

Even the United States, supposedly Israel’s best friend, is ignoring its own law against providing support for any nation that aligns with terrorists by continuing to fund the Palestinian Authority to the tune of $440 million this year. With Hamas in the PA fold, that’s a direct subsidy of terror.
Finley forgets to mention that not a single Christian church has been burned to the ground in Israel or that every Muslim citizen of Israel is protected under the rule of law and lives a far safer and economically stable life than he or she would in any other Arab state. But none of this matters to those whose moral preening is their raison d'être.

Even more disturbing is the Obama administration's antipathy to Israel, but then again, why should we expect anything else from an administration populated by a team of 2s who also happen to lean to the extreme left.

And with all of this as background, Israel progresses as a nation with a vibrant economy, more tech start-ups in one year than all Arab nations combined in the past decade, and a forceful leadership that will not be cowed by the useful idiots on the left. At the end of the day, it probably the success of Israel, despite the boycotts, the rockets, and the hatred spewed by its Arab adversaries that galls the left the most.