The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Impeaching Himself

A few firebrands on the Right are openly talking about the impeachment of Barack Obama. The Wall Street Journal comments:
One unfortunate reality of modern politics is the right-left mutually reinforcing media echo chamber. The most extreme voices on either side broadcast the most outrageous statements of the other side as a way to define their opposition and attract attention to themselves. This is the way to understand the flurry of fever-swamp chatter about impeaching President Obama ...

Republicans aiming to rebuild a governing majority should be making a systematic case about the failures of Democratic governance that include slow growth and stagnant incomes, fewer health-care choices and higher costs, growing world disorder, and more. Trying to impeach Mr. Obama now is firing at the wrong target at the wrong time with the wrong ammunition.
I agree.

If incompetence were an impeachable offense, there might be grounds. If dishonesty were an impeachable offense, there'd be a long line of supporters. If divisiveness was impeachable offense, I'd be more sympathetic. If stonewalling the myriad scandals that plague this presidency were an impeachable offense, there might be grounds. If failed domestic and foreign policy were impeachable offenses, it might be worth a look. But none of these things are impeachable offenses.

As yet, Obama has not committed provable "high crimes and misdemeanors." Any effort to impeach him would transform a failed presidency into an object lesson in martyrdom. There's no need to impeach Barack Obama, he's impeaching himself with every passing day.