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Monday, July 14, 2014


It has been over 430 days since the IRS scandal began. Barack Obama's trained hamsters in the MSM remain largely uninterested—an occasional op-ed here,  a half-hearted "investigative" story there. But overall, no journalistic aggressiveness. After all, the hamsters believe the president when he arrogantly claimed there isn't a "smidgen of evidence" of corruption. And even if they don't believe that claim, who among his sycophants in the MSM wants to bring down his presidency with honest, aggressive reporting?

We've witnessed a stream of lies that began on the day this story broke and continues to this day. We've see a major IRS exec take the fifth—the fifth!—rather than testify. We've seen an arrogant IRS commissioner smile as he claims no knowledge and no responsibility. We've seen the IRS claim the pivotal emails have been "accidentally" destroyed. We seen a corrupt and partisan justice department investigation go nowhere—on purpose! We've seen administration stonewalling that would make Nixon blush.

But by and large, the weaponization of a government agency against the country's own citizens, likely coordinated by Democratic operatives and possibly spurred on by the White House, is a back page story. The reason is simple—the truth just might take down this president, so the greatest scandal in any living person's lifetime goes under-reported and under-investigated.

It's funny, the MSM loves to use the narrative that the meany GOP "obstructs" Barack Obama as he tries to accomplish great things. That the president is a victim of that obstruction and that his incompetence, mendaciousness, divisiveness, and arrogance are simply of product of that obstructionism.

But in the case of the IRS scandal, there's another obstructionist party—the Democrats. Ed Rogers comments on the coordination between Lois Lerner and House Dems:
The coordination among the Democrats and Lerner is remarkably brazen, even by today’s standards. While she lies low taking the Fifth, her mouthpieces in the Democratic caucus recite talking points that only she could approve. For example, during House oversight hearings on the scandal, Democrats seem to recite with great precision what Lerner did or did not do, what she knew and when she knew it. So while she hides the truth, protects her gang and stays clear of a perjury charge or worse, elected members of the Democratic party declare her innocence and tell her self-serving story.

Anyway, as long as Lerner stays cool and the Obama Department of Justice has her back, the administration obviously thinks it can run out the clock on this scandal. But these revelations are definitely meaningful smidgens. At what point does a flock of smidgens become irrefutable evidence that deserves an independent examination?

Thanks to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and other GOP leaders who refuse to shrug and quit, the Democrats’ denials, excuses and alibis are getting harder to make. After all, in Washington being guilty is still a bothersome disadvantage.
In Washington, being guilty only matters if you're on the MSM's persona non-gratia list. That's why Chris Christie got more MSM coverage for a local bridge closure "scandal" than Lois Lerner got over the full 430-plus days of this scandal.

The Democrats should be ashamed of their behavior throughout this investigation. Rather than expressing outrage over a clear violation of trust by this administration, rather than reigning in their president, rather that striving to get to the truth (because someday the roles just might be reversed), they bloviate and express mock outrage that the investigation is "politically motivated."

Of course it is! But then again, I suppose we could argue that the weaponization of the IRS was also "politically motivated," couldn't we?