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Monday, July 27, 2015


One thing that can be said about the Obama White House—those guys play hardball. The latest instance is a leak, according to The the New York Times, by "a senior government official" (think: Valerie Jarrett) who indicated that two inspectors general have suggested that Hillary Clinton be investigated by the Obama DoJ for sending classified documents from her now infamous private email server.

The past six years have indicated that nothing—and I mean nothing—happens in Obama's 'justice' department without the administration's approval, and everything—and I mean everything, the DoJ does is political.

In effect, Obama is "menendizing"* or "pratraeusing"** Hillary Clinton. By starting an investigation with the threat of criminal prosecution, Obama and his Team of Hardball 2s hope to keep the target in line, preclude any attempt at criticism by the target, and at the same time, offer their not-so-subtle contempt. The target is Hillary.

One might actually feel some sympathy for Ms. Clinton, if it weren't for the fact that she is a venal, dishonest politician who has lied and stonewalled repeatedly over many years.

But the Clintons play hardball as well. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Hillary unleashed Bill on Obama. There is no love lost between the two men and with a smile on his face and using his best Arkansas accent, Bill might soon begin to express doubts about the Iran deal or Obama's other executive actions. He might question Obama's "accomplishments' as president, he might express "concern" about rising medical costs under Obamacare, he might suggest, ever so subtly that he's worried about the actions of the IRS against American citizens, or income inequality under Obama or ... You get the picture.

Get out the popcorn! This just might be a lot of fun.

*  named after Democrat Senator Robert Menendez who as a frequent critic of Obama, was indicted for political reasons
** named after General David Patraeus, who disagreed with Obama's Iraq strategy and needed to be silenced by a criminal probe