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Monday, July 06, 2015


The new deadline for the conclusion of the Iranian nuclear agreement has been set for July 7th. One of three likely outcomes will occur:
  1. The talks will be further extended because Barack Obama, John Kerry, (with a Nobel peace prize dancing in the heads), their Team of 2s,  and their trained hamsters in the media will tell us that we're close—oh so close—to an "historic" agreement that will lead to an age in enlightenment, peace, prosperity ... (you get the picture), and all we need to do is further capitulate to Iran's demands by extending the talks another few weeks.
  2. The talks will conclude with a catastrophically bad agreement that will do nothing to (1) stop Iran from moving toward a nuclear weapon, (2) stop Iran from worldwide sponsorship of terror, and (3) stop billions of dollars (withheld by sanctions) from flowing back into Iran.
  3. The United States will walk away.
The likelihood of the third outcome (the one I'm in favor of) is vanishingly small, leaving the other two to ponder.

Caroline Glick does some real reporting, and what she finds is very troubling:
Wednesday, the Associated Press reported on the details of one of the agreement’s five secret annexes.

Titled “Civil Nuclear Cooperation,” the annex demonstrates that, far from merely failing to block Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, the deal will facilitate Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

The leaked secret annex has two central components.

The first involves the underground uranium- enrichment facility at Fordow. Built inside a mountain, the Fordow complex is considered resistant to air strikes.

According to the AP report, the Iranians have agreed to re-purpose the installation from uranium enrichment to isotope production. In turn, the six powers have agreed to provide the Iranians with next-generation centrifuges to operate it. Yet, as the AP report makes clear, “isotope production uses the same technology as enrichment and can be quickly re-engineered to enriching uranium.”

In other words, the six powers will teach Iran how to operate advanced centrifuges capable of quickly enriching uranium in an installation that is protected from aerial bombardment.

The second section of the annex relates to the heavy-water reactor at Arak. The reactor, whose construction is near completion, will be capable of producing plutonium-based atomic bombs.

According to the AP report, the six powers have agreed to provide Iran with a light-water reactor that is less capable of producing bomb-grade plutonium.

Yet, as Omri Ceren from the Israel Project explains, a sufficient number of light-water reactors are capable of producing bomb-grade plutonium. Moreover, since the reactors are powered by uranium, the very existence of the light-water reactors provides Iran with justification for expanding its uranium-enrichment operations.
In addition, Barack Obama, true to form and desperate for an agreement he can claim is meaningful and historic, has allowed every red line established for these negotiations to vanish over the past few months.

Way back, the administration demanded that Iran expose its past nuclear work. Iran's Supreme leader said, "No."

John Kerry, not the brightest bulb in this country's foreign policy chandelier, eliminated that red line. He stated: “We know what they did. We have no doubt. We have absolute knowledge with respect to the certain military activities they were engaged in. What we’re concerned about is going forward.”

Seriously? "We have "absolute knowledge?" If he honestly believes that, John Kerry is an idiot. Otherwise, he's just one of many liars that populate this administration.

It appears that in a feverish attempt to resuscitate a terminally failed foreign policy, Barack Obama will agree to terms that will seriously endanger the Middle East, Europe and the United States. This president's capitulation to a sworn enemy will be a catalyst to a nuclear arms race in the most unstable part of the world. It is irresponsible and dangerous. Worse, it is not in the best interest of this country. But none of that matters. After all, it's all about legacy, isn't it?