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Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Joke

I have a deal that that I'm sure Barack Obama and John Kerry, along with a number of congressional Democrats (a.k.a. "puppy dog dems"), would certainly think to be more effective than the current approach to IRS auditing of suspected tax cheats—allow those who are suspected of underpaying their taxes to audit themselves. What could go wrong?

After all, the president of the United States, along with some of his Democrat supporters, is doing just that with Iran, except instead of looking for dollars, he's allowing Iran to self-audit their development of nuclear weapons. And of course, Iran would never, ever cheat. Would it?

But no worries, if we don't like the results of Irans's nuclear self-audit, we can always write a letter meekly asking permission to visit. Unfortunately, Iran gets to decide (after lengthy delays that would allow evidence to be hidden) whether to grant permission of not.

This self-auditing revelation is the latest in a long line of leaks that would lead any rational person to conclude that the Iran deal is a very bad deal indeed. But apparently, the puppy dog dems are willing to accept the bad deal hiding behind the canard that "it's the deal, or it's war."

David French comments:
It’s increasingly clear that the key terms of the Iran deal — the terms that deal in any way with verifying Iranian nuclear activity, past and present — are a joke. As the text of a side agreement released released by the AP yesterday confirms, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will actually rely on Iran to inspect itself at the crucial Parchin nuclear site, providing “mutually agreed” upon photos, videos, and environmental samples to IAEA monitors. And the deal’s broader monitoring regime eschews “anytime, anywhere” inspections in favor of a process that provides Iran written notice of requested access to suspicious sites, followed by a weeks-long dispute-resolution process that still won’t guarantee such access is granted.

Put plainly, under the terms of the deal, Iran makes promises that it does not have to keep. In exchange, it receives sanctions relief, access to international arms markets, and the ability to build ballistic missiles. This isn’t a nuclear agreement, it’s an economic treaty — an economic treaty almost perfectly designed to advance President Obama’s very particular worldview.
It appears that there is no set of facts that would cause the puppy dog dems to do the right thing and oppose a deal that is bad for everyone except Iran and Barack Obama. Obama's many catastrophic failures in the Middle East seem to have no influence on the puppy dog dems assessment of his current decision-making capabilities. The fact the Arab and Israeli allies in the region are publicly opposed has no influence. The specter of a nuclear arms race in the world's most unstable region has no impact. The virulent threats by Iran's leaders falls on deaf ears. Like little puppies, some Dems are willing to follow the pack leader off a cliff.

It appears that there are enough Dems in the president's pocket to enable him to avoid an override of his veto of a bipartisan 'NO' vote on the Iran "deal"—a "NO" vote that will be passed by an overwhelming majority of Congress—likely 60+ percent of our elected representatives.

That's because Obama is the smartest guy in the room—just ask him and his puppy dog Dem followers who are—there's no nice word to use—cowards who prefer party loyalty to concern for the best interests of the United States. The puppy dog Dems are setting the stage for war—not today or tomorrow, but in the foreseeable future. They should be ashamed, but that emotion is never part of the Left's playbook.