The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Up until a few weeks ago, the Democrat's trained hamsters in the media and leftist pundits in general spent very little time talking about Carly Fiorina. Having an accomplished woman candidate on the GOP side ran against their ridiculous "War on Women" meme, so they hoped Fiorina would remain an obscure back bench candidate that no one recognized. Better not to even mention her. Keep her obscure and out of the picture.

Boy, has that changed with Fiorina's much deserved ascendancy to a top rank contender. Now the hamsters and leftist pundits are tripping over themselves in an effort to trash Fiorina. Gosh, you'd think they were conducting a War on Women.

Here are just a few headlines:
"Carly Fiorina, the CNN-created flavor of the week" — Dana Milbank, CNN
"Fiorina's Dishonesty Eclipsed By Trump's Sexism" — Ruth Marcus, WaPo
"Carly Fiorina Ain't No Feminist" — Sally Cohn, CNN
"Gloria Steinem Eviserates Carly Fiorina ..." Andrew Tavani, New York Times
"I Still Think Fiorina Was a Terrible CEO" — Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Politico
All of this feverish condemnation and/or demonization suggests only one thing: the Left is worried about Fiorina and will work as hard as it can to disqualify her. One of the Democrats' key constituencies is women. What if, heaven forbid, some non-trivial percentage of Dem women actually took a hard look at Fiorina, her rise from a secretary to Fortune 500 CEO, her innate intelligence, her no nonsense style, her broad grasp of important issues? They just might, heaven forbid, desert the Dems and vote GOP. Can't have that.

By the way, it is fascinating to observe so-called "feminists" argue that Fiorina is not a feminist. Can't be, because he politics are right of center. Accomplishments? Don't matter. Overcoming the "male dominated" corporate ladder? Not important. Intelligence? So what. Carly Fiorina is a threat to their narrative that women are victims who are oppressed by forces they can't control. The victimization narrative (across many topics) is pivotal to Democratic politics, and if it is questioned by an accomplished woman—heresy!

I don't agree with Fiorina on every issue, but I have enormous respect for her intellect, her executive experience, her in-depth, clear-eyed understanding of domestic and international issues, and her lack of Washington taint.

From the point of view of the Democrats, she is very, very dangerous. They will do everything they can to destroy her candidacy in the months ahead. I guess a War on a Women is okay when you're demonizing someone with a political viewpoint that is different than yours.