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Monday, October 12, 2015


Over the past few days, Iran has tested a new long-range ballistic missile—you know, the type of missile that can deliver a nuclear payload. The Wall Street Journal reports:
Iran test-fired a new generation of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles on Sunday, its state news agency reported, a move that could complicate the implementation of the country’s July nuclear deal even as its parliament ratified the historic pact’s outlines.

Iran tested a long-range missile called the Emad, which Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said was capable of precise control, according to a report from the Islamic Republic News Agency.

“We don’t ask anyone’s permission to enhance our defense power or missile capability and will firmly pursue our defense plans, particularly in the field of missiles,” Mr. Dehghan said. “And Emad is one of the outstanding examples of this.”

He didn’t specify the range of the new missile. Experts have previously suggested that similar missiles in the country’s arsenal can travel as far as 800 miles.
That puts the Iranian missile's range right in the center of Israel, not to mention a number of Arab capital cities. But no worries, if you believe the administration's national security advisor, Susan Rice, Bibi Netanyahu was a a racist, right-winger because he had the audacity to express concerns about just this eventuality. But no worries, this president tells us he has Israel's back.

Of course, the Obama administration's "good deal" with Iran did nothing to limit missile development work, so Iran is off to the races—and this, less than 90 days after the "deal" was signed with great fanfare by Barack Obama and his Team of 2s. One can only wonder what Iran will accomplish in the next 90 days and the 90 days following that.