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Friday, October 16, 2015

Damn Emails

Well, I guess there's no reason for those of us who were concerned about Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server to be concerned any longer. Bernie Sanders tells us he's sick and tired of those "damn emails," so ... let's just drop it. After all, who might be just a bit concerned about Hillary's serial lies about nearly every aspect of the subject, about her ever-changing excuses, about her continual stonewalling (yeah, I know, she released "55,000" less-than-damning pages of email but conveniently forgot the ones that mattered), about her admitted destruction of 30,000 emails that were "personal," about her problematic connection fundraising for the Clinton Foundation, about potential influence peddling while Secretary of State, about an on-going FBI criminal investigation concerning the improper use and storage of top secret documents (you know, the same thing that got American hero, David Petraeus indicted and convicted) a few years ago, and, of course, about the email connection to her role in the Benghazi scandal.

But no worries, there's nothing to see here, we should just move along. After all, Bernie Sanders has spoken. Kim Strassel comments:
A candidate who was in it to win wouldn’t have given Hillary Clinton an assist with her email problem, or ignored her Clinton Foundation entanglements. Mr. Sanders radiates that he is too pure of heart, too sincere a liberal, too focused on “serious issues,” to deign to address Mrs. Clinton’s ethics. He brags that he doesn’t run negative ads; he deplores “political soap opera.” No doubt many of his supporters admire him for that. Mrs. Clinton certainly does. ( Bill Clinton will too, once he stops laughing.)

But that isn’t admirable high-mindedness; it’s a sellout that undercuts the core of Mr. Sanders’s message. The senator’s biggest attraction is that he promises to end business as usual. Mrs. Clinton is business as usual. She believes she is not bound by the same rules as the 99% of Americans Mr. Sanders claims to represent. She and her foundation are tied into, and daily profit from, the “billionaire” class that Mr. Sanders claims is the country’s biggest problem. So does he mean it?

Precisely because Mr. Sanders is high-minded (go read his September speech at Liberty University on the importance of a “moral life”), how can he be blasé about the prospect of a low-minded, crony-connected, morally flawed opponent ascending to the presidency? It would seem he’d have some obligation to his supporters to address that question.
Nah ... Bernie is only high-minded when he rails against "billionaires" and works hard to suggest that the United States should accelerate toward bankruptcy by following he mega-tax and mega-spend redistributionist policies.

The Dems and their media hamsters (literally) cheered Bernie's pronouncement on Hillary's email, but the rest of the country ... not so much.

This won't go away ... and it's not a vast right wing conspiracy that will keep it alive. It's Hillary's continuing effort to thwart any attempt at getting to the bottom of this. Here's why she can't come clean. If the truth ever were to come out (it probably won't), Hillary would no longer be a presidential candidate and would almost certainly be indicted for security law violations. The funny thing is, that punishment is minor if the other implications of this scandal were to be proven true.