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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Intifada III

No one has been paying much attention to the palestinians lately, so like a small child that demands that his parents give him time, the palestinians do the only thing they're really, really good at. They throw their version of a violent tantrum. Their leaders incite the populace using phony claims, their imams incite further anger from the mosque, and street gangs use violent attacks against Israeli civilians, police, soldiers and infrastructure to emphasize their "plight." Their intent, of course, is to provoke an aggressive response from the Israelis, after which, they will wail about the disproportionality of the response, the resultant physical damage to their "refugee camps," (actually cities with shopping malls, gas stations, hospitals and the like), the inevitable occurrence of civilian injuries, and the "war crimes" that have resulted.

Leftist politicians and their trained media hamsters in the West will cluck their tongues and condemn Israel for protecting itself, redouble their monetary support for the murderous Hamas regime, and look for UN sanctions against Israel. It's all so predictable, it would be laughable, if not for the carnage.

But as Intifada III ramps up, there's a new problem that Israel must face. The Obama administration does not have Israel's back. Freed of the need to raise money from Jewish Democrats, Obama can let his antipathy for Israel surface. His true feelings about the only liberal, democratic Middle Eastern nation are ugly indeed.

Jonathan Tobin comments:
Israelis witnessed more Palestinian terror attacks today as what may be a third intifada continued on its roads and cities. But whatever decisions the Israeli government takes in the coming days to defend its citizens, it knows one thing: the Obama administration doesn’t have its back. The discord between the two governments has reached the point where Prime Minister Netanyahu knows that no matter what it is said publicly, the White House can’t be trusted to back any moves it might be forced to make. That’s especially true since the White House hasn’t chosen to publicly admonish Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas for his failure to condemn the bloody attacks on Israelis or to cease stirring up hatred by exploiting fears about the future of the Temple Mount. But understanding their dilemma requires more than a review of the last week’s events or the maneuvering at the United Nations where the U.S. is still threatening to undermine Israel’s position.

The Israelis know that, as has been the case for the last seven years, the administration is always spoiling for a fight with them under virtually any circumstances. That’s why the excerpts from Dennis Ross’s upcoming book that were published today in Politico about the way the U.S. bypassed Israel during the Iran nuclear talks provide insight into more than just that series of events. The inclination of Obama and National Security Director Susan Rice to attack the Israelis rather than cooperate with them, up to the point where Rice played the race card in an effort to undermine Netanyahu, illustrates the extent of the damage that has been done to the U.S.-Israel relationship.

The headline on the Politico website for the Ross excerpts when it went up on Thursday morning was one that used a quote in which the State Department veteran claimed that Rice spread the word that “Netanyahu did everything but ‘use the N-word’ in his interactions with Obama over Iran. Later in the day, that was changed to the more neutral (and actually more in keeping with thrust of the content of the story) headline, “How Obama got to “Yes” on Iran.” But as inflammatory as that initial headline was, that one line was what has everyone talking about Ross’s book today. Indeed, although Ross’s purpose is to try to repair what he correctly terms the unnecessary damage to the alliance that was caused by the administration’s combative attitude toward Netanyahu, that false allegation by Rice actually tells us more about what’s wrong between Washington and Jerusalem than anything else.
Based on the catastrophic results of seven years of poor decisions and feckless action in the Middle East, Barack Obama and his Team of 2s have demonstrated how incompetence, driven by leftist ideology, creates chaos and damage that will take a generation to correct, if it can be corrected at all. But the Obama administration's attitude toward Israel, although quite consistent with Leftist ideology, demonstrates just how despicable the administration can be.

Even worse, the Democratic party has done nothing to push back against the Obama administration's anti-Israel positions. Yet, the Dems are only too happy to accept campaign contributions from American Jews while telling those same contributors that the Dems support Israel without reservation. Incredibly, a clear majority of American Jews support the Democratic party emotionally and financially. Despite clear anti-Israel bias, they refuse to accept that the party's leader is anti-Israel in word and deed.

As Intifada III heats up, watch Obama and his Team of 2s closely. Through silence and inaction, he will work hard to injure the Jewish state. It's what he does and what he wants.

As a distant aside, remember the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? That would be the same Jeremiah Wright who was the pastor of the Chicago church that Barack Obama attended for well over a decade. You know, the same Jeremiah Wright who Barack Obama said was his "mentor" and confidant, until Wright's anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric became public. Then, straining credulity, Obama claimed he didn't know nor had he heard those statements and threw the good reverend under the bus.

This week, Wright spoke at an event sponsored by the noted anti-Semite, Louis Farrakan. The Hill reports:
Wright, who once served as pastor to President Obama, was one of several hours' worth of speakers in Washington, D.C., for an event called “Justice or Else!” that sought to channel the energy of the Black Lives Matter movement. Wright placed the event in historical context.

“The same issue is being fought today and has been fought since 1948, and historians are carried back to the 19th century… when the original people, the Palestinians — and please remember, Jesus was a Palestinian — the Palestinian people had the Europeans come and take their country,” Wright said.

He said African-Americans in the United States have much in common with Palestinians in Israel.
Hmmm. I wonder if the trained hamsters in the media will ask this president whether he agrees with Reverend Wright and his outrageous and historically inaccurate statement.