The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


In the latest Donald Trump news, our intrepid GOP candidate and current front runner—you know, the guy who gives new meaning to the phrase 'vague claims and vacuous solutions'—has decided that the best way to attack Jeb Bush is to blame his brother (indirectly and vaguely, of course) for the 9/11 attacks. It goes without saying that a president Trump, who would have been in office for all of nine months, would never, ever have allowed the attacks to happen. True to form, Trump never indicates how he can make that assertion, but what else is new?

Meanwhile, in the latest Hillary Clinton news, our intrepid Dem candidate now has an uncontested path to the nomination given that Joe Biden decided not to enter the contest and Bernie Sanders has decided not to publicly question her ethics, decision-making or conduct as Secretary of State. Under investigation by the FBI for national security violations and appearing before a congressional select committee on Benghazi today, Hillary will continue her obfuscation (and outright lies) on her role before, during, and after the Benghazi terror attack. She'll tell us that the committee is conducting a 'witch hunt' and she'll appear forceful and strong to the swoons of the trained hamsters in the main stream media.

Daniel Henninger comments:
Just as Mr. Trump suggested responsibility for 9/11 lies somehow with former President Bush, Mrs. Clinton’s view has been that responsibility for the failure in Benghazi is so diffuse that no one is responsible, that asking questions about what happened is a political attempt to “come after me. ” What difference does it make is now the Democrats’ official account. As with Donald Trump’s politicized recollections of 9/11, Mrs. Clinton’s supporters are on board for her shriveled version of Benghazi’s reality.
What a spectacle it would be to have America’s highest office contested next year between these two.
Sadly, if our decision as voters boils down to a choice between bombastic claims of future greatness coupled with vague proscriptions for policy, and mendacious claims of innocence coupled with a continuation of the ruinous Obama years, "spectacle" isn't really the right word for this.