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Monday, November 30, 2015


The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) recently published polling data that is—to say the very least—illuminating. Recall that Barack Obama told the American people that "99.9 percent" of the Syrian refugees were anti-ISIS and therefore, only those who feared "widows and orphans" would question his great wisdom in suggesting that some be allowed to immigrate to the US.

The ACRPS describes the study in the following manner:
This survey is the largest public opinion poll conducted in the Arab region with a sample made up of 600 respondents in each of seven countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Iraq. In addition, a further sample of 900 Syrian refugees was drawn in equal proportion between groups in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. In the aggregated result, each of the population groups is given equal weight so that the total for “Arab Public Opinion” given in the report below has equal weightings for each country/population group. This method prevents the domination of overall “Arab Public Opinion” by the citizens of more populous countries.
Their work is both fascinating and illuminating (remember that this poling is conducted by Muslims) and destroys the Left's contention that only tiny percentages of Muslims are pro-Islamist.

The author of the Neo-Neocon blog (be sure to read her bio) comments on the poll of Syrian refugees:
"When Syrian refugees were asked to list the greatest threat, 29 percent picked Iran, 22 percent picked Israel and 19 percent picked America. Only 10 percent viewed Islamic terrorism as a great threat.

By way of comparison, twice as many Iraqis see Islamic terrorism as a threat than Syrians do and slightly more Palestinian Arabs view Islamic terrorism as a threat than Syrians do. These are terrible numbers.

Thirty-seven percent of Syrian refugees oppose US airstrikes on ISIS. 33% oppose the objective of destroying ISIS.

And these are the people whom our politicians would have us believe are “fleeing an ISIS Holocaust.”
But that can't be true, can it? After all, without a shred of quantitative data to back up his contention, Barack Obama told us that "99.9 percent" of Syrian refugees are our friends. It's the Left's narrative, so it has to be true. Or not.