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Sunday, November 08, 2015


Not surprisingly, Hillary Clinton took a firm stand against climate change and in favor of class warfare as she stumped in Iowa. On climate change, The Daily Mail reported that she said:
"... the reality of climate change is unforgiving – no matter what the deniers say. Sea levels are rising. Ice caps are melting. Storms, wildfires, and extreme weather are wreaking havoc ... This is one of the most urgent threats of our time, and we have no choice but to rise and meet it.
The operative word in her increasingly tired climate change harangue is: "we."

Here's the thing—immediately after her speech, Hillary hopped on a private jet to fly to another campaign stop. The jet burns 347 gallons of jet fuel per hour—not exactly what I'd call environmentally friendly. So I guess Ms. Clinton does not include herself in the "we" she mentions.

As far as class warfare goes, Ms. Clinton continues to rail against income inequality. In recent speeches, she attacked "hedge fund managers" and parroting socialist Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders, "millionaires and billionaires" as the villains in her class warfare saga.

It's interesting,  that the private jet (347 gallons of jet fuel per hour) that Hillary Clinton used yesterday was the same plane (according to the Daily Mail) that transported her to a speech hosted by "Vancouver Board of Trade and co-sponsored by TD Bank in March 2015, and later reported in her personal financial disclosure that she was paid $275,000 for the appearance." $275,000!

Hmmm. I guess Hillary doesn't count herself in the "millionaires" category when it comes class warfare topics. If Hillary spoke for an 45 minutes it's likely she used about 5,500 words. That means her sponsors paid about $50 for each word she spoke.

You know, I'd happily pledge $50 to use just one word to describe Hillary Clinton. That word would be "hypocrite."