The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015


The last week's events have highlighted the imminent threat posed by radical Islamic terror, yet it seems that many on the Left would much prefer to look elsewhere for more benign threats that face the West. The Left creates memes that emphasize real, but minor threats in an effort to direct the conversation away from a reality that troubles them. And any reality that connects Islam to terror  is a reality that appears to trouble them.

So they try to avoid facing a troubling reality by forcing the conversation to turn toward minor threats—gun control or global warming or anti-Islamic bias. In fact, many on the Left become animated and emotional when these real, but minor threats are raised.  How can the general public be so blind, they ask, and not see that these "threats" are where our attention should be focused.

So ... from Barack Obama on down, the Left creates memes that misdirect. In his White House address, this president spent almost as much time warning us not to give in to anti-Islamic bias as he did considering a real and immediate threat to our nation—radical Islamic terror.

It's almost as if the president's most pressing concern is to ensure that no one think ill of a religion that has been hijacked by those who want to destroy Western culture, murder or subjugate those who practice other religions, and establish Sharia law—the most politically incorrect body of law in modern history. If it wasn't so serious, one would think that Barack Obama was a comic figure and that his actions were a parody of what not to do as a leader.

But back to memes that misdirect. I have, over the past week, highlighted the motives meme  and the gun control meme that both emphasize political correctness as their guiding imperative. Today, following Obama's lead, the "anti-anti-Islamic bias meme" is being promoted by members of Obama's Team of 2s.

Bridget Johnson
reports on the administration's promotion of this latest meme:
In a Monday visit to a Northern Virginia mosque, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson declared "anyone who does not understand" that Muslims want peace "does not understand Islam."

Johnson dropped in on at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society in Sterling, Va., the day after President Obama said Americans have a responsibility to respect their Muslim neighbors.

Johnson said the "new phase" of the terror war -- with "terrorist-directed and terrorist-inspired attacks" -- requires "a whole new approach to counterterrorism and homeland security," including Muslim outreach as he's done over the past couple of years.

One of the "most meaningful discussions" on his "tour," he called it, was in June with the ADAMS Center imam, which began with a Boy Scout Troop leading meeting participants in the Pledge of Allegiance. That imam, Mohamed Magid, is a past president of the Islamic Society of North America, an organization linked to the Holy Land Foundation in its terror-financing trial and to the Muslim Brotherhood.

"In responding to this new environment, we must not vilify American Muslims. We must not throw a net of suspicion over American Muslims and an entire religion. We must not force American Muslims to run and hide, and retreat to the shadows," Johnson said. "This would be counter to our homeland security efforts, and it is un-American. Now, more than ever, is the time to work together, to protect and defend our communities, our families, and our homeland."

"...The overwhelming, overwhelming majority of American Muslims, and Muslims worldwide, are men, women and children of peace, who seek to live their lives in peace, and want nothing to do with terrorism. Anyone who does not understand this does not understand Islam. The very essence of the Islamic faith is peace. The standard greeting As-salamu alaykum is 'peace be upon you.'"
Okay, now consider for just a moment what Jeh Johnson's job is—he directs America's homeland security efforts. You'd think he would be more concerned about new techniques for vetting people crossing our borders, for better intelligence methods that might uncover radical Islamic terrorists hiding within the Muslim community; with improved "outreach" that convinces "peace loving" Muslims to self-report incidents of radicalization and suspicions of terror-sympathizers in their midst. But no. John is promoting the "anti-anti-Islamic bias meme." As did Obama's Attorney general, Loretta Lynch, a few days ago. That Team of 2s—what a group of memesters!


After presenting heavily referenced data that describes the extent of Islamist thought and sympathies in the global islamic population, David French writes this:
Simply put, America’s leaders actively deceive the American people about the sheer scale of Muslim hatred and commitment to jihad. Rather than tell us the truth, the Obama administration and the media aristocracy constantly lecture Americans about discrimination, apparently believing that only their scolding keeps the great redneck masses at bay.

Telling us the truth won’t send Americans on an anti-Muslim killing spree. Instead, it will make us no more radical than Egypt’s president, who briefly made headlines earlier this year after calling for a “revolution” in Islam and decrying faith traditions that he admitted had been “sacralized over the centuries.” Telling the truth can demonstrate the scale of the problem and at least begin the process of convincing the American people that there is no quick fix, that the defense of the nation will require courage and resolve over the long term.

Islam has a problem. It is Muslims’ responsibility to reform their own faith. It is America’s responsibility to defend itself and its citizens. Neither goal is advanced by telling convenient, politically correct lies. After 14 years of war, can we finally tell the truth?
Nah, that wouldn't be in the memester's best interest.