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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cause for Concern

Those of us who were violently opposed to Barack Obama's Iran "deal" suggested that: (1) the negotiation was a pathetic attempt to bolster Obama's "legacy" at the expense of the interests of our country and our allies in the Middle Eat and Europe; (2) that Iran could not be trusted; (3) that the "deal" was so one-sided that it smacked of capitulation; (4) that it gave the world's foremost sponsor of terror between $100 and $150 billion dollars in assets that could be used against the west. Like every other foreign policy failure of Obama and his team of 2s, the deal began falling apart within weeks of its signing.

John Hinderaker reports on the latest of Iran's violations:
fforts to obtain technology and materials needed for nuclear weapons, contrary to its longstanding assurances that its nuclear program is peaceful:
The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) said in an annual report it has detected extensive Iranian attempts to acquire illicit materials in Germany, “especially goods that can be used in the field of nuclear technology.”

“Also in international comparison, the level of attempts remains high,” it added, according to i24news.

The German intelligence body in the regional state of North Rhine-Westphalia registered 141 such attempts last year, as opposed to 83 similar tries in 2014. 90 of those attempts were described as illegal activities to procure technology that could be used for the development of nuclear weapons and launchers.

The smuggling of the proliferation-sensitive goods is conducted usually by Iranian strawmen and shell companies through China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, the report estimated.
The vast majority of these attempts have been thwarted–which makes sense, since these are the ones the authorities know about–but “Iran’s covert and intensive procurement activities on German soil are expected to continue.”
But, of course, Obama's Team of 2s tells us there's no cause for concern because if there was ... well ... it might mean that the geniuses who negotiating what has to be the worst foreign policy deal in a generation were wrong—and Obama can't be wrong, can he?

It might be instructive for the media to ask Hillary Clinton for her position on this—was the deal a good deal given what we're learning about Iran's violations? And what would she do about it? But wait, Hillary is hiding in her bunker, refusing to meet with the media (who doesn't want to ask the question anyway because it might be embarrassing to all of the Democrats who enthusiastically supported the Iran "deal."

What's even worse than the Iran deal is the likelihood that we'll be getting another four years of feckless Obama-style policies and leadership. But there's no cause for concern, is there?