The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It was fascinating to watch Senate Democrat Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, reduced to tears over Donald Trump's 90-day moratorium on immigration from seven predominately Muslim countries. By the way, each of those countries are hotbeds of radical Islamic thought and terror activities.

The reason that Schumer's tears were fascinating is that to the best of my knowledge he didn't cry publicly when Americans were slaughtered by the thousands during the 9-11 attacks, nor did he cry when Americans were killed at San Bernadino or Orlando or Paris or Belgium or Nice or London or Madrid. He didn't cry when Barack Obama agreed to a "deal" with Iran that threatened the entire Middle East while Iran continued to advocate the annihilation of American ally, Israel.

Schumer didn't cry when ISIS—the current manifestation of radical Islam—slaughtered Christians by the thousands, nor did he cry when Boco Haram kidnapped hundreds of young girls and converted them to sex slaves. He didn't cry when Hamas used American taxpayer money, not to help its people, but instead to tunnel under the Israeli border to kill civilians.

Nah, none of that warranted tears.

I suspect that the real reason for Schumer's tears is the creeping feeling of powerlessness that has pervaded the progressive/Democrat community. They are slowly coming to the realization that their "values" are not necessarily the values of the rest of the country—you know, the deplorables—and that their influence, at least for now, has waned. That's why we're seeing all of the angry protests, the crazy diatribes, the tantrums, the hyperventilating, and yes, even tears.