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Friday, June 02, 2017

Crazy Conspiracy—Revisited

A while back I wrote about a "crazy conspiracy" theory involving Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who some believe is the source who leaked the DNC emails. Seth Rich, not a Russian hack. Seth Rich, not a nefarious effort that had the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians. If it were true, the Russian collusion narrative crumbles, so ... It. Can't. Be. True. No. Matter. What.

The Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media are following the House of Cards playbook and have buried the Seth Rich story—no leaks becuase no one will answer the phone, no investigation by teams of "journalists" from NYT or WaPo, no editorials, no nothing. The story was labeled "nutty" and disappeared.

Wayne Allyn Root comments on all of this is a reasoned and hardly nutty manner. He delineates all of the reasons that questions should be asked (read the whole thing) and then writes:
I don’t claim to know if Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks source. I don’t know if he damaged Hillary’s lifelong dream of becoming president. Or if he ruined Wasserman’s career at the DNC. Or if he destroyed the credibility of Donna Brazile forever at CNN.

I don’t know if the investigation has been stonewalled by powerful DNC voices.

But I know this [investigate] is what journalists do. They write about controversial stories. They investigate. They ask questions. They shine light on darkness. Nothing is supposed to be off limits. The media aren’t supposed to run away from stories like this.
But they ran away as fast as they could. First, by ignoring the story and then, as leaks began to emerge, labeling it a "crazy conspiracy" and walking away.

To repeat a question from my earlier post—Why is the Seth Rich story a "crazy conspiracy" but allegations that the President is essentially a Russian agent fully credible? You know the answer, and so do I.