The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Deeper and Deeper

In the weeks leading up to the special election in Georgia's 6th Congressional District, the trained hamsters in the main stream media sounded a lot like they did in the weeks leading up to last year's national election. The vote last November would be a slam dunk for Democrats, a clear signal the the general public rejected the notion that Barack Obama's legacy was one of failure and incompetence. The vote on Monday would be a clear indication that "college educated" voters rejected Donald Trump and his agenda. After all, all smart people are against Trump. Right?

Wrong ... and wrong again.

Ed Rogers comments on the special election:
The buzz in Washington surrounding the race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District was all bad for the last couple of weeks. People had been bad-mouthing the Republican candidate, Karen Handel, they had been insulting the Republican National Committee’s competence and they had been dismissing any notion that Republicans could pull through to defeat the energized “resistance.” But the ashen, sour and dejected faces on CNN Tuesday night following Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s defeat made the last 10 days of Republicans’ worry and anxiety worthwhile. By any measure, the victory proves the Republican political machine is alive and working well.

Heading into Tuesday, Democrats were prepared to bask in their self-righteous glory and proclaim an outright victory in the wake of President Trump’s political decline. They wanted to claim a successful referendum on the Trump administration and the president’s “America First” policies. But with Handel comfortably pulling through to claim her seat, Democrats are left with nothing to show for their tens of millions of dollars and full-court press.
I suspect that dozens and dozens of left-leaning commentators had to hit the delete key for pre-written articles, blog posts and tweets that were set to bask in a Democrat victory in Georgia's 6th. Had the Democrat Jon Ossoff won, it would have been characterized as a major indicator of Trump's early demise, that #Resistance was a triumph, that impeachment was but one election away. But Ossoff lost (and by a relatively wide margin), so yawn, the special election meant nothing.

But the Democrats trained hamsters provided us with a comical tell. The following screen cap, provided courtesy of AnnAlthouse, tells us everything we need to know about media bias:

As someone who believes in a two-party system, maybe it's time for the Dems to use a little introspection, to stop lashing out, and to examine whether their long and now violent slide leftward is consistent with the broad mainstream of American thought. Maybe they should consider whether the unhinged #Resistance resonates with centrist voters in this country, whether open boarders are really as popular as they think, whether government control of healthcare is really a viable solution, whether jobs and tax reform and reducing the size of government might be just a little bit more important than bogus investigations of "Russian collusion" or ridiculous allegations of "obstruction of justice."

Nah, if that introspection were to occur, the answers it might yield are ones that Democrats and progressives don't want to hear. So they plod onward, digging their hole deeper and deeper by the month.


Richard Fernandez comments on the Dem's seemingly limitless obsession with the truly unhinged notion that Trump and company have colluded with the Russians. He writes:
One would have thought the shocking loss of Jon Osoff to Karen Handel in Georgia would have snapped the system out of it's coma. At least it should alert them to the dangers of being transfixed by their own narrative. After all, when you keep losing the chess game to an opponent believed by the media to have the IQ of an orangutan, it's got to be more than bad luck, perhaps caused by ignoring the objectively real in order to serve one's mental boxes.

Yet nothing happens. The destruction of future of the Democratic party which Ossoff was supposed to have been, left the progressives with Bernie Sanders again as the standard bearer of tomorrow. It illustrates how trapped the Left has become in its own paradigm. It is an in absurd condition. The obsession with Trump's very real shortcomings obscures the fact that the biggest crisis in American political life today is the that of the Democratic Party. It never really recovered from the Clintons or Obama and it never really came to terms with the economic collapse of the Blue Model.
The solution for the Dems is not MORE and BIGGER left-wing policies, more crazy conspiracies, and more outrage. It's new leadership, a new understanding of just how far outside the mainstream they have traveled, and even an attempt to work with the GOP to accomplish things that Americans actually care about. I know, I know ... it'll never happen, but it certainly would be refreshing.