The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


This morning, gunfire wounded five during a GOP softball practice in Alexandria, VA. The perpetrator has yet to be named but there are eyewitness reports via NBC that quote him as saying he wanted to "kill as many Republicans as possible." The gunman is unquestionably mentally unstable and his motivation and political affiliation (if any) have yet to be determined.

Now think back to the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford and the Democrat claims that it was all because the GOP had created a climate of violence and hate. She was targeted because she was a Democrat. For weeks, the Dem's trained hamsters in the media milked that meme. To some extent, they still do.

Today, the #Resistance and their supporters in the media, the arts and entertainment are quite comfortable depicting Trump's severed head (Kathy Griffith) or his violent assassination (a play in NYC) or his plane on fire and crashing (a viral tweet accompanied by much praise). Dems continuously and hyperbolically suggest that any attempt to replace a collapsing Obamacare system will result in people's deaths (e.g., Jimmy Kimmel), or that budget cuts that facilitate tax reform will cause children to starve. They repeatedly project the calumny that Trump and his administration are colluding with the Russians and that's why Hillary Clinton lost. It goes on and on ... an attempt to "energize" the Dem base by demonizing the Dem opposition.

Hmmmm. I wonder if the Dems will have a Gabby Gifford moment and reject the "climate of violence and hate" that they have fostered?


There will, of course, be the pro forma condemnation of the gunman. There will, of course, be calls for gun control.

But will the attack on a GOP baseball practice be a warning that the unhinged rhetoric coming from Democrat party leaders, along with the #Resistance is fomenting violence against American citizens who disagree with the Leftist worldview? Will the media begin a drumbeat against such rhetoric? Will party leaders publicly ask their supporters to reduce the volume just a bit? Will congressional committees that have asked the same question 50 different ways and have yet to discover any evidence of collusion or any rational basis for obstruction of justice, say enough is enough? Will Democrat State AGs pull back their specious lawsuits that attack Trump using the Emoluments clause?

I wouldn't bet on it.


The shooter, James Hodgkinson, who was killed by security police, was decidedly rabid left-wing. The reason I mention that is that Democrats always seem to note a decidedly right-wing shooter when he kills others. But in reality, ideology takes a back seat to insanity. John Hinderacker comments:
As a general rule, it is foolish to pay attention to a “shooter’s” purported ideology. Most of them are just nuts. Maybe that is the case here too, although Mr. Hodgkinson (age 66) is not a typical, 20s-loner mass murderer. But for what it’s worth, Mr. Hodgkinson apparently is, or was until today, a perfect exemplar of liberalism; of progressivism; of the Democratic Party. Maybe that will prove relevant, maybe not. But it certainly bears mentioning.
The big questions for Democrats, progressives, and #Resistance are the ones I posed in the main body of this post. There is unquestionably a line that has been crossed—civility of any kind has disappeared replaced by spittle covered viciousness. That can be interpreted by mentally unstable people (and yes progressives, there are as many left-wing crazies as their are right-wing crazies) as a call to violent action. Ironically, the left and their trained hamsters in the media accused Trump himself of fostering violence and now—that's exactly what left-wing viciousness may be doing.

Donald Trump may be a coarse buffoon, who is prone to imprecise speech and self-inflicted damage from ill-advised tweets. But he was elected fairly and overwhelmingly (please, spare me talk about a majority vote, those are not the rules) and he is not the demonic presence that Dems and their cohorts would have us believe.

It's long past time for progressives to look inward and better understand whey their message has been rejected by this country. Stop the viciousness and with it, the violence.