The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, June 16, 2017


The Washington elites on both the Democrat and GOP side told us that special counsel Robert Mueller was beyond reproach—a man of impeccable ethics and significant legal and investigative experience. He'd be unbiased, they told us. He'd get the job done effectively and quietly, we were informed. He'd accuse the guilty once clear and irrefutable evidence was found and exonerate the innocent. He was above reproach—a Mr. Smith-goes-to-Washington type, it was claimed. Really?

After a month on the job, we learn that:
  • Mueller and James Comey are great friends and have had a mentoring relationship for many years. No possible pro-Comey bias there, right?
  • Mueller has appointed members to his investigative staff of attorneys who were significant Democratic contributors during the last presidential campaign. I'm sure they'll be unbiased, just like the judges who were appointed by Democrats and ruled against Donald Trump 's immigration orders with flimsy or non-existent legal precedent. No conflict there, right?
  • Or more recently, who leaked the investigative inner workings of Mueller's staff to WaPO and the NYT, suggesting (in the true tradition of Joe McCarthy) that both Trump and Jared Kushner are under investigation? Is that the quiet and unbiased approach we were assured would be conducted?
I guess in Washington, DC, all of that doesn't matter. After all, the ongoing soft coup must proceed and who better to lead the way than a man with impeccable ethics. Just sayin'