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Friday, June 16, 2017

Three Days In

The Dems and their trained hamsters in the media were eerily quiet when a rabid leftist conducted a mass shooting attack targeting GOP congressmen and staff two days ago. The Democrats' words of condemnation, concern, and reconciliation lasted all of 36 hours, but now, they and their trained hamsters in the media have circled the wagons, suggesting that any claim that the viciousness of the #Resistance had anything to do with the attack is just playing politics.

The Associated Press (AP) is representative, publishing a piece titled "Dems bridle as some in GOP blame shooting on the left," where they write:
WASHINGTON (AP) — It didn’t take long for Washington’s post-shooting talk of unity to begin fraying.

As a top Republican, Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, lay in critical condition at a local hospital Thursday, some Republicans on the far right suggested that vitriolic rhetoric on the left could be to blame for the attack that put him there.

“How dare they say such a thing? How dare they?” retorted Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, pointing to a year of venomous attacks by Republicans including President Donald Trump.
Okay, then. As I predicted in earlier posts, the concern about unhinged actions on the part of the #Resistance didn't last 72 hours. No surprise.

John Hinderacker comments:
Anyone who thinks we have just undergone a year of “venomous attacks” by Republicans is living in an alternative universe. But hold that thought for now.
“The center of America is disappearing, and the violence is incited by the leading cultural voices of the Left,” GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa said over Twitter.

Republican Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania rose on the House floor to issue a call to “replace the hateful rhetoric and resistance with respect,” a comment seemingly aimed at an anti-Trump “Resist” movement.
Those are mild comments; milder than I would make. It is fair to say that violence has been incited by the leading cultural voices of the Left, who every evening on television call President Trump a Nazi, a fascist, a racist, a misogynist and a traitor; who denounce him in similar terms in every entertainment awards show; who were calling for his impeachment before he was inaugurated; who condone rioters who, wearing black masks, smash store windows with bricks and assault Republicans; who make it impossible for a conservative to give a speech on a college campus; who say, every day, that Republicans are trying to make everyone sick and destroy the planet; who display the president’s severed head as a trophy and enact his assassination in Central Park; and so on ad infinitum.
Just under the surface, the #Resistance movement has a patina of violence. Progressives who have associated with #Resistance live a fantasy that they're freedom fighters who are resisting the demonic forces of those who might have a different view of the world. After all, resistance fighters had every right to kill Nazis, right? And Trump is a Nazi, right? So ...

Again, Hinderacker comments:
What do the Democrats mean by “Resistance”? Obviously, they mean to evoke the resistance against Nazi Germany by the French and others. Seriously? Are they completely demented? Perhaps they are. But the French Resistance, the Norwegian Resistance, et al., didn’t rely on pamphlets and op-eds. They used firearms. Is it really a surprise that one avid Democrat took up arms to Resist on his party’s behalf? And how likely is it that more Democrats will Resist with firearms?

There is more to the AP story, but it isn’t worth much more attention. There is this:
For their part, some Republicans seem taken aback by an intensity on the left that threatens to overwhelm them in the 2018 midterm elections. Tired of being in a defensive crouch as Trump comes under attack from Democrats and the media for breeching political norms, some jumped at the opportunity to turn the tables and contend that Democrats, too, are part of the problem.
Got that? Black-masked rioters throwing rocks through bank windows and college rioters assaulting conservative speakers and students constitute “intensity on the left.” The Republicans, meanwhile, are just concerned about re-election, and are “jumping at the opportunity” to “turn the tables” and “contend that the Democrats, too”–too!!–“are part of the problem.”

The Associated Press, having set forth the position of the Democratic Party, retires for the evening, but will be back to do battle on behalf of liberalism tomorrow.
This recent incident and the Dems' current reaction to it are just another example of the Law of Holes. Whether the Dems realize it or not, they're in a deep hole and they absolutely insist on digging deeper.