The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Deep Hole

In the crazy aftermath of the 2016 presidential election and the hysterical and often unhinged reaction to the upset election of Donald Trump, progressives and the party they support are in a hole, and they're digging deeper. The prevailing attitude among progressives is that they lost the presidency and the 1,000+ other local, state and federal elections during the Obama era because they weren't Left enough. This fantasy makes them feel better, but that's all it does.

Why? Because they live in a country in which red overwhelms blue. The following electoral map by counties illustrates that reality:

John Hinderacker comments:
Those who run the Democratic Party spend their time overwhelmingly in Washington, California and New York, and they read the New York Times and the Washington Post. They watch CNN and MSNBC, along with network news. As a result, I am not sure they are fully attuned to how unpopular their party has become in most of America. They may win a tactical victory against President Trump, whose inexperience and personality make him vulnerable. But I suspect that very few voters are responding to the Democrats’ daily assault on the administration by saying, In the next election I am going to change my mind and vote liberal! On the contrary, it may be that the Democrats’ hysterical, unprecedented assault on the president will prove to be a distraction that actually retards their ability to address their party’s long-term decline.
The Democrat's "hysterical, unprecedented assault" on the winner of the 2016 election does one other thing. It convinces millions that the Dems care far more about re-acquiring their power than they do getting things done in their country.

Think about all of this for just a moment.
  • Democrats are champions of big government and the regulatory state.
  • Democrats are now viewed as more concerned about "Islamophobia" than they are about radical Islam and the violence against gays, women, and the general public that it perpetrates.
  • Democrats are now perceived as supporters of those on college campuses who shout down opposing views and work to limit free speech.
  • Democrats suggest that police, and more broadly, society in general are "racist" and use that epithet to end any argument about the responsibility of people of color to take responsibility for their own actions and outcomes.
  • Democrats champion 'sanctuary cities," providing the impression that they care more about criminal illegal immigrants who commit crimes (by not turning them over to federal authorities for deportation) than they do about protecting the American citizens and legal immigrants who are victims of those crimes.
  • Democrats suggest that their apocalyptic view of climate change represents the most important problem we face right now, even as their own estimates indicate that the problem is 50 to 100 years away.
  • Democrats rarely hide their contempt for the "deplorables" who voted against their anointed candidate and do not share their self-defined "American values."
  • Democrats smile with pleasure as they use the offensive and near-racist terms "old white men" or "white privilege" to deride the comments or arguments of Caucasian people.
  • Democrats are closely aligned with a main stream media that is no longer trusted, is blatantly biased in their favor, and polls more poorly than even the Congress.
Just this week, the Democrats, along with the other three #NeverTrump constituencies have branded the new president a "white supremacist," and inadvertently, have given the actual white supremacist scum (that represent by best estimates, about 0.006 percent of the population) far more publicity than they deserve. To right past wrongs, the Dems support the notion that every statue depicting a civil war figure be removed.

John Kass notes that if the Dems and their supporters are philosophically consistent, they would move quickly to disband the Democratic party. Why? Because in the 1860s, the Democrats were proponents of slavery; after the civil war, the Democrats opposed the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution (provided citizenship for ex-slaves, equal protection under the law and anti-discrimination protection); during the following decades, it was the Democrats who supported Jim Crow laws; it was the Dems who populated the KKK in its early and most violent years, and in early and mid 20th century it was Democrats who were less than supportive of civil rights (George Wallace and ex-KKK grand dragon, Robert Byrd come to mind). Wait ... what!!

I know, I know ... times have changed and now the Dems tell us they are the champions of all people of color, and it's the evil people in the GOP who are white supremacists. But that shouldn't matter. If the Dems support wiping our public places of any visible remnant of a group of people who supported slavery, it would seem only reasonable that since the Democratic party is a visible remnant of a group of people who supported slavery, it should also be wiped.

And if the antifa thugs along with BLM groups and more moderate progressives find the statues of Robert E. Lee et al offensive, why is it that they don't find the Democratic Party (and their sordid history of 150 years ago) equally offensive?