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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Three Percent

Conservatives are often ridiculed by Democrats and the Left for suggesting that meaningful economic growth and the jobs it inevitably creates are one important element in the cure for many of society's ills. The Dems goto phrase to blunt suggestions that lower taxes, few regulations and a pro-business administration is "trickle down economics." They say this derisively, and trot out left-leaning academic economists to dispute the notion. Yet, common sense and hard historical data indicate that lower taxes do, in fact, lead to economic growth, that economic growth leads to better paying jobs, and that better paying jobs lead to a flow of tax money into the government, providing the feds with the resources to address social and infrastructure problems.

But economic growth is also affected by the tone of national leadership. During the Obama era, the tone of government was notably anti-business. Rather than making it easier for business to thrive, the past administration applied its leftist ideology and put roadblocks in the way—higher taxes, more regulation and in selected cases, outright demonization of "corporations." The result was as obvious as it was tragic—continuous and unrelenting low growth, the worst economic recovery in the nation's history, a labor participation rate that was historically high, the flight of corporate money off-shore, and a continuous growth in dependency (foodstamps, welfare, etc.).

Steven Moore writes:
It seems like just yesterday that President Trump’s detractors were ridiculing the White House forecast that 3 percent economic growth could be attained in the post-Great Recession America. So Trump has reason to smile that during his first full quarter-year in office, gross domestic product (GDP) growth was just revised upward to … 3 percent.

Yes, this is just a preliminary snapshot based only on three months, so I’m not trying to get carried away here. But more good news is that the GDP forecast for the third quarter of 2017 is now estimated at 3.4 percent, as the economy is clearly picking up speed. These 3 percent-plus growth rates are especially impressive given that the economy crawled forward at just 1.6 percent growth in President Obama’s last year in office.
The four constituencies—Democrats, the GOP elite, mainstream media, and denizens of the deep state—are working 24-7-365 to ensure that Donald Trump fails. They will do everything possible to downplay this important economic turnaround. They'll also do everything possible to ensure that tax reduction and reform don't happen. They do this not in the interest of the American people, but to solidify their own flagging power and prestige, hoping that the public will blame it all on Trump. They may very well succeed, but it will be at the expense of the very middle class they keep telling us they care so much about.